The Jewish—and Catholic—campaign to open America’s borders

As I wrote in my article, “Why Jews Welcome Moslems,” Jewish organizations and a significant number of American Jews are passionately devoted to the cause of large-scale Third-World immigration and the resulting ongoing disappearance of America’s historic cultural and national identity, the ultimate effect of which will be to transform America truly and completely into what so many Jews have always wanted it to be: a majority-less collection of unrelated peoples forever divorced from its actual history as a nation and held together by nothing but an abstract belief in democracy and a desire for the good life. The current move to open America’s borders virtually completely has accordingly triggered perhaps the frankest expressions of Jewish open-borderism ever: William Kristol’s smiling statement that he’s “soft” on illegal immigration; Michael Bloomberg’s contemptible comment that without illegal aliens, there would be no one to do maintenance work at his exclusive golf club (a claim the club denied); David Brooks’s withering contempt for amnesty opponents as inferior yahoos.

Thus last week the Forward, a Jewish newspaper, had an article, “Immigration Bill Draws Jewish Support,” by E.J. Kessler, which began: “As the Senate struggled this week to hammer out legislation on the contentious issue of immigration reform, Jewish groups were in boardrooms and on the streets advocating for the most liberal approaches to the issue.” As always, Jewish organization don’t just engage in a politics of left-liberal anti-nationalism; they boast of it. Of course, Jews are not the only group set on the destruction of America. The Catholic hierarchy is in the forefront as well, perhaps even more so than the Jews, as is stated in the article:

The [Progressive Jewish Alliance’s] executive director, Daniel Sokatch, said that Jewish communal groups could do more.

“When we’re comparing ourselves to the Catholic community, I don’t think we’re good enough right now,” Sokatch said. “The cardinals and the Catholic diocese have taken real moral leadership on this.”

Sokatch was referring, in particular, to the archbishop of Los Angeles, Cardinal Roger Mahony, who has emerged as a leading voice on immigrants’ rights. [LA: Notice the lying reference to illegal aliens as “immigrants.”] The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has been among the most outspoken national religious groups criticizing the Republican Congress for its punitive measures.

Sokatch called immigrants’ rights “a major focus of our organizing,” saying: “We’re arguing that, like economic justice, this is a profoundly Jewish issue. Our soul hinges on this debate. It’s the issue of what kind of country we want to be and who we are as an American people.” [Emphasis added.]

Yeah, the mass immigration of Third-Worlders is all about Jews’ “soul” and the fulfillment of their “moral values.” In Jewish thinking, America doesn’t exist for itself. It exists to satisfy the requirements of the Jewish soul. The standard for any national policy is not whether it is good for America, but whether it feels good to the Jews.

As I have argued before, Jews feel free to inject such obnoxiously ethnocentric comments into national debate because no one ever gainsays them. We need a rational and moral politics in this country that would criticize this Jewish position as such. If people began retorting, “How dare you talk in this arrogant way about our country, basing national policies on Jewishness instead of on Americanism?”, if people began challenging and correcting the Jews on this, their behavior would change.

In saying this, I am not promoting anti-Semitism—I am calling on Jews to stop indulging in behaviors that make them seem like walking advertisements for anti-Semitism. Similar criticisms must be made of Catholics, who promote the mass influx of unassimilable Third-World peoples from the south in order to increase the number of Catholics in this country. When the large-scale immigration of Catholics from Europe began in the mid-nineteenth century, it was feared that they would be more loyal to the political agenda of the Catholic Church than to the United States. As Richard Brookhiser wrote in The Way of the WASP, in order to be accepted in America, Catholics had to turn themselves into an American denomination among others, loyal to America first, at least on the secular level. This policy of “Americanism” made the peaceful assimilation of America’s huge Catholic population possible. In the same way, Jews in the first half of the twentieth century identified with and deferred to America’s majority culture. But as the majority culture and the national identity have been abandoned and demonized since the 1960s, the Catholics, just like the Jews, are feeling their oats as never before. They will only pull back from their destructive agenda if representatives of the majority culture—which currently has no champions at all in the respectable mainstream—begin to reprove them for it. Who speaks for America?

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