Obama’s Medal of Freedom awards—by the book

Jeff W. writes:

Today Obama announced the names of 16 recipients of the Medal of Freedom.

Here is the breakdown by spoils system category:

White Female 3
White Male 2
Black 2
Hispanic Male
Hispanic Female
Native American
Irish woman internationalist
South African black

The two white men were:

Jack Kemp—a good open borders Republican who tried to help blacks and Hispanics [LA adds: who, moreover, was as passionately devoted to showing his devotion to the cause of helping blacks and Hispanics as a football coach is is to getting a touchdown, and who proved his commitment to racial brotherhood by constantly us how when he was a football player he showered with blacks. Apparenlty no one in his circle, not even his wife, ever told him, “Enough about the showering with blacks, Jack.”]

Teddy Kennedy—among many other accomplishments, the leading open borders advocate of our time

Notes: Though white men make up about 35 percent of the population, they were only awarded 12 percent of the medals. White men can only win the Medal of Freedom by helping minorities, advocating open borders. Foreigners were awarded more Medals of Freedom than American white men. No awards this year to business leaders or military leaders. No awards to white male scientists, scholars, authors, artists, elected officials, judges, physicians, etc. Note also how each victim group gets at least one award.

Obama statement:

“Their relentless devotion to breaking down barriers and lifting up their fellow citizens sets a standard to which we all should strive.”

My comment: Breaking down white males and distributing the spoils is more like it.

LA replies:

Your analysis is very good and makes things clear. Another point: the two white men are politicians.

However, I didn’t know they gave Medal of Freedom to deceased persons (Kemp).

In any case, the two white male honorees are a dead white open-borders politician, and a dying white male open-borders politician. The symbolic message is remarkable: all that white men are good for is to open the borders, let America be flooded by nonwhites, and die.

Anyway, if the Medal of Freedom was ever worth a damn, the disgraceful GW Bush terminally trashed it by turning it into a retirement watch for failed administration hacks.

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August 1

LA writes:

And guess who the Irish recipient of the Medal of Freedom is? Mary Robinson.

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