Obama’s clever fraud that so many conservatives fell for, like dogs wagging their tail when they’re petted

While hordes of brainless CINOs have been praising to the skies Obama’s Tucson speech, Byron York is having none of it. The speech, he argues, was a fraud. Obama, after allowing his fellow Democrats to indulge in five days of blood libel against Republicans, won over the brainless ones by acknowledging what had become by then an established, undeniable fact which he himself could scarcely have denied—that heated political rhetoric had had nothing to do with the Tucson mass murder. But then, having said what he had no choice but to say, which cost him nothing but which made the CINOs eagerly wag their collective tail at him, he proceeded, with a complete lack of logic, to turn the mass murder, which he himself stated had nothing to do with heated political rhetoric, into an occasion for America to moderate its heated political rhetoric. And what that practically means, of course, is that Republicans must tone down their opposition to the Democratic agenda, even as the Democrats continue to call the Republicans murderers, “teabaggers,” and all the rest of it. For this, the CINOs joined the cheering liberal throng. They might as well have donned T-shirts bearing the slogan, “Together We Thrive.”

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The eponymous author of OneSTDV writes:

I had the same exact response.

J. in Brooklyn writes:

Jeff Goldstein, of Protein Wisdom, which I rarely read, has been forceful in discussing what the calls for “civility” mean:

This call for “civility” on the part of “progressives” is an attempt to criminalize conservative and classical liberal thought, passionately espoused, as “hate speech.” Rendering conservatives and classical liberals rhetorically handicapped as they attempt to engage in the marketplace of ideas—a marketplace already heavily regulated by the dictates of the left, through their linguistic assertions and onward through their control of the mainstream media outlets.

Those on the right who gleefully and self-righteously (whether out of ignorance or not) go along with such a gambit are nothing more than contemporary useful idiots. And should their position hold sway, the American experiment has already been lost.

January 17

Karl D. writes:

I want to thank you for opening my eyes in the past week to the fact that conservatives are constantly dancing to the liberals’ tune. It is something I never really thought of before. Just this morning on FOX News they had Chuck Schumer and Tom Coburn on. They are part of this post Tucson healing nonsense and have agreed to sit next to each other during the State of the Union speech. They were practically slobbering on each other about “civility.” I wanted to scream! This Coburn is being played like a marionette and he doesn’t even know it. Or maybe he does which makes it worse?

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