Open-borders Catholicism comes to Wall Street

Mary Ann Glendon’s atrocious article, “Principled Immigration,” initially published in the “conservative” Christian magazine First Things (and critiqued by me here), has for the edification of us all been re-published at Opinion Journal. The only good thing one can say about the piece is that it lives up to its title. The approach to immigration it outlines is indeed principled: the pure, undiluted principle of Western suicide, couched in the mushy, left-Catholic verbiage popularized by the late pope, in which the “stronger nations” have an “obligation to accommodate migration flows,” and “the human dignity and rights of undocumented migrants should be respected,” i.e., we should have open borders to everyone who wants to come. It’s that sickly and decadent modern Catholic view that sees the world as a big hospital and mankind as a bunch of “vulnerable” and “weak” people needing care. Needing care from whom? From us, the “strong” people, who must give to them, the “weak” people, everything we possess.

I recommend that people read the whole piece, take in the cloudy way Glendon uses language, in which she acts as though she’s being serious and responsible to all sides of the issue, when in fact everything she is saying is aimed at inducing a kind of hypnotic acquiescence in open borders. For example:

With so much at stake for the United States and Latin America, conditions ought to be favorable for intergovernmental negotiations of the sort begun by the Mexican and U.S. governments in 2001. Those negotiations received a severe setback with the attacks of September 11, 2001. But the difficulties should not be permitted to obscure the many opportunities for cooperation based on the principle of shared responsibility for a shared problem.

Many opportunities for cooperation! The negotiations that were thankfully interrupted in 2001 were aimed at nothing other than the amnesty and “guest worker” plan that just passed the Senate, plus expanded trade and cultural cooperation that would further weaken U.S. sovereignty. Further, the country to our south is embarked on an imperialistic agenda and nationalist revanchist campaign against us, fueled and encouraged by our decades-long liberal openness to it. So what would this wonderful “cooperation” Glendon imagines consist of, other than more U.S. surrender to Mexico?

Similarly, she writes:

And the bishops might have done well to note, as Pope John Paul II did in Solicitudo Rei Socialis, that solidarity imposes duties on the disadvantaged as well as the advantaged: “Those who are more influential, because they have a greater share of goods and common services, should feel responsible for the weaker and be ready to share with them all they possess. Those who are weaker, for their part, in the same spirit of solidarity should not adopt a purely passive attitude, or one that is destructive of the social fabric, but, while claiming their legitimate rights, should do what they can for the good of all.”

Can anyone penetrate the reasoning process of a mind that would conceive of this or subscribe to it? On one hand, we’re told that we must share with the Mexicans and other Third-Worlders everything we possess. But don’t worry, it’s not just some welfare state situation, oh, no, not at all! Even as they, the weak ones, are “claiming their legitimate rights,” i.e., their legitimate rights to everything we possess, they also must also take responsibility and “do what they can for the good of all.” But what can these helpless recipients of our altruistic generosity do for the good of all? And what force is going to hold them to any supposed responsibility, given that they already have legitimate rights to everything we possess, which the late pope, backed by Glendon, encourages them to claim? Thus the business about mutuality of responsibility is revealed as a transparent fig-leaf, designed to delude the easily deluded into believing that unconditionally opening our society to untold millions of needy and incompetent non-Westerners will not be destructive of our social fabric.

Instead of calling on these dependent people to be responsible for the good of all, which is obviously impossible, how about first expecting them to be responsible for their own good and their own country, which would mean telling them to put down their buckets where they are and make their own countries work so that they don’t have to come to our country and claim everything we possess?

That this leftist garbage, which reads like Nietzsche’s insane parody of Christianity in The Antichrist, or like a satirical passage from Atlas Shrugged describing the Anti-Dog-Eat-Dog Act which requires productive industrialists to destroy themselves for the sake of the unproductive, appeared in First Things and Opinion Journal tells us all we need to know about major sectors of today’s “conservative” establishment. They may not believe in economic suicide, but boy do they believe in national, racial, and civilizational suicide—from which economic suicide will also result.

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The reader who sent me the Glendon piece writes:

She, by the way, is regarded as the conservative heavy-weight at Harvard.

And that is enough to make grown men weep. That’s like finding out that the most right-wing person in Canada is David Frum.

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Ben writes:

First of all, I’m an Evangelical Christian so the Pope doesn’t speak for me….period….nor does Catholic Church dogma from Rome. That’s first of all, so I’m not interested in his writings or any Catholic writings about my nation especially when they are detrimental to my future, my nation, and the future of my family. When the Pope and other Catholics have something interesting to add that promotes morality I’m all open ears, but when Catholics say I’m immoral for wanting a border, well then they are my enemy period.

Second of all, let her prove that she cares so much for Solicitudo Rei Socialis by giving everything she has to the Mexicans about 50 streets over and then I might take her seriously. I can guarantee you she has a nice car, and a huge home etc. So show us by example Mary Ann Glendon. Oh yeah, and according to the rules of liberalism you should also give up your cushy job at Harvard and give it to a needy Mexican whether he’s qualified or not. I’m sure that would also fit right into Solicitudo Rei Socialis and most certainly fit into advanced liberalism which you seem to adhere to.

She doesn’t represent Christianity and she certainly doesn’t represent my nation with this garbage. She represents liberalism, nothing but an offshoot of misinterpreting scripture and I’m sick of these people invoking God and Church dogma to back up their liberalism. What really enrages me is they are destroying this nation and none of these idiots will have to deal with the demographic changes because they live in high places. I wonder if Mary Ann Glendon lives in a $50,000 house in a poor neighborhood? I bet you she doesn’t….most people like this who are so quick to write checks for all of us and write commentary in arrogance live in high places.

I’d be more interested to hear from everyday working class American Catholics then these so called intelligentsia living in ivory towers.

To be honest I’m sick of the Catholics in high places all together. I don’t have any ill will towards them, I admire a lot of the stands the former Pope took on morality and I was raised Catholic myself but they didn’t build America, the enlightened ones who broke away from Catholicism did and I’m sick of them telling my nation to be more generous, ignoring that it is the tyranny of the leaders that have destroyed these nations like Mexico with their corrupt governments and anarchy.

Let the leaders of Mexico take Solicitudo Rei Socialis seriously and stop hoarding all their oil wealth and share it with their own people instead of telling Americans to do it, we already have our own underclasses to support as it is, go tell it to Presidente Fox about Solicitudo Rei Socialis. Heaven forbid they might call on the Mexican government to stop hoarding all the wealth. No, they go to the weak President Bush and the Senate and get them to write a check and try to pass amnesty on behalf of all Americans” “generosity.” The Catholic savants address Solicitudo Rei Socialis by telling all the poor and needy of the World to come to America, you know those suckers will lay down and die for you from all their white guilt.

It really gets me crazy.

I won’t say anymore…it will just come off as a person who is deeply “angered against immigrants.”

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