Shocking scenes of the hell on earth that the Israelis have imposed on the people of Gaza

From the French website Bivouac-ID, here is the truth, the soul-scarring truth, about the conditions in the open-air concentration camp the Jews maintain in the formerly named Gaza Strip. I have combined and translated the introduction of two slightly different versions of the same photograph collection, followed by the first two of the many astonishing photographs that you will see in the linked document, if you have the courage to look into the face of man’s inhumanity to man. In these scenes reminiscent of the Warsaw Ghetto circa 1942, notice the haggard, gaunt appearance of the Gazans, their worn-out, raggedy clothes, the lines of strain and despair in their faces.

Attention, insupportable photographs! STARVING GAZA!
By Yann on December 6, 2009

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a series of photographs of Gaza taken after the conflict of 2009 … the “open air concentration camp,” as the media call it.

Warning: these insupportable images may injure the sensibilities of young people, and lead the sincerely credulous to question their certainties.

While the followers of green Fascism and their useful idiots monopolize media attention and international financial aid for the benefit of the Palestinians, breaking all the records of assistance per capita, elsewhere people die—really—of hunger in the midst of the most complete indifference. Malnutrition strikes one billion people on Earth.



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