Richard Spencer sees the elections as a defeat

JC writes from Houston:

Geez, does this guy EVER have anything positive to say?
LA replies:

No, he doesn’t, because, as I’ve said, he and his fellow paleocons / alt rightists / white nationalists have already removed all value from America. They are therefore incapable of participating in its debates or of seeing anything positive in any development that occurs within it.

I would further argue that the root of this cultural despair is anti-Semitism. As the paleocons / alt righists / white nationalists see it, the Jews have already taken over America, and so, short of the removal, disappearance, or disempowerment of the Jews, there can be nothing good about America, because America (Jew-dominated America) is itself the problem.

My assertion seems questionable on its face. In his current article, Spencer says nothing about the Jews, but expresses despair over the fact that white America is finished and that the elections do not change that. The average conservative reader would interpret this as meaning that whites have lost control of America to non-European immigration and the increasing cultural and racial de-Europeanization of the country. However, Spencer has elsewhere stated in the clearest terms that he regards Jews, not Third-Worldization, as by far the greatest threat. When he was asked by a commenter a few months ago if he agreed with Paul Craig Roberts’s 2007 statement at Vdare, “If I could rid America of neoconservatives, I would accept the entire population of Mexico,” Spencer, shockingly, replied in the affirmative:

Mexican immigrants could be returned to their country later on. The damage inflicted by neocons lasts forever.

Put simply, the neocons are far, far, FAR worse than Mexican immigrants.

Spencer also said in that exchange:

At any rate, the neocons are a far greater threat than Iran. It’s good and right to detest them.

While Spencer is speaking here of neocons, not Jews as such, I think, based on the totality of his writings and positions, that when he says “neocons” he’s thinking “Jews.” In any case, the neocons are primarily a Jewish group. To call that Jewish group a far greater threat than Iran, a far greater threat than a hypothetical occupation of the U.S. by the entire population of Mexico, takes us beyond any rational critique of neocons and reveals itself as pure Jew-obsession.

In conclusion, Spencer’s cultural despair is not about the marginalization of whites by nonwhites. It is about the marginalization of non-Jewish whites by Jews. This is the ultimate reason why he can see nothing positive in yesterday’s elections, and nothing positive in anything that happens in America as it is currently constituted.

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Jeff W. writes:

America is in serious trouble, but it is by no means finished. I have always liked what Winston Churchill said during the dark days of 1941, “We have not journeyed across the centuries, across the oceans, across the mountains, across the prairies, because we are made of sugar candy.” When a crisis really comes, Americans will find that they have survival skills that they don’t even know about.

Americans today are very concerned about the nation’s problems, and they are serious about finding solutions. American voters have demonstrated in three consecutive elections that they will keep throwing out senators, congressmen and presidents until they find leaders who will start solving problems. I see the 2010 election results as a sign of good health.

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