Blacks assault whites, while taping the attack for later viewing and distribution

These black thugs knock unconscious a white man while taping the attack for later sharing and enjoyment. They thus echo the behavior of Muslim jihadists who tape the beheadings of their victims then distribute the tapes around the world to inspire other Muslims to do the same. The story, in the November 22 Denver Post, combines frank information about black gangs with the perspective of a reverend who downplays the attacks and says that authorities ignore violence until it’s directed at whites. It’s as though the only way the reporter felt comfortable telling what these blacks are doing was by extensively quoting a person who relativizes and excuses their actions.

Denver arrests may be part of trend of gangs videotaping attacks
By Kirk Mitchell
The Denver Post
Posted: 11/22/2009

Racial attacks like the ones behind the arrest of 32 suspects in Denver are part of a trend spreading across the country, gang experts said Saturday.

As part of the trend, black gang members videotape the assaults in trendy tourist districts and sell them on the underground market as entertainment.

“They knock a young white guy out with one blow to see if his knees will wobble and surround them and take their money,” said the Rev. Leon Kelly, who runs a Denver gang-prevention program. “It’s a joke.”

Denver police announced the 32 arrests Friday after a months-long undercover investigation into what authorities said were racially motivated assaults and robberies in Denver, including in the Lower Downtown entertainment district.

They seek the arrests of three more suspects.

Kelly said he has been warning gang members for months that for the $20 they snatch from someone, they could do 20 years in prison.

“There’s always consequences,” he said. “They’ve been targeting each other for years. Once it starts venturing out of the ‘hood, it becomes a major issue.”

Denver police Lt. Matt Murray said that the same day Chief Gerry Whitman announced the arrests, a national TV program profiled a similar gang-fueled onslaught in Minneapolis.

“We’re not the only city having something like this happen,” Murray said.

Several months ago, Kelly said, he got a copy of a videotape recorded in West Palm Beach, Fla. Gang members surrounded a white couple at a club. One of them told the others to hold on.

“He said, ‘Let me get this camera on.’ It’s a staged thing,” Kelly said.

The gang members crave the notoriety of having their one-punch knockouts recorded on tape and sold on the black market. They’ll rewind the tapes and watch them over and over, he said.

When they watch the videos and see a big punch landed and gang members at the scene start laughing, they’ll all break out laughing, said Kelly, who heads the Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives center.

“They think it’s so cool to see someone get beaten up like that,” he said.

The tapes get taken from town to town. Gang members mimic what they see, Kelly said.

In Denver, groups of four or five black men would approach a victim late at night or early in the morning and taunt a man with racial slurs, Whitman has said. Gang members have broken victims’ noses and shattered eye sockets, he said.

A task force including Denver cops, FBI agents and prosecutors from District Attorney Mitch Morrissey’s office identified 26 incidents since July in which the gangs assaulted or robbed white or Latino men. The offenders took wallets, iPods, cash and other small items.

Most of the suspects admitted they belonged to either the Rollin’ 60s Crips gang or the Black Gangster Disciples gang.

Murray disagreed with Kelly that police only aggressively pursued the gangs after they started targeting whites.

“If a group of white supremacists were targeting blacks, we would go after them,” he said.

Though robbery is a predominant motivation of the gang members, it is more complicated than that, Kelly said.

“Some of the same black kids have been beating their own people down,” he said. “Violence is violence. This is a trend. A lot of my kids are frustrated because they think the system doesn’t care.”

Kelly said he worked with many of the boys and young men arrested in the sting, trying to steer them toward jobs and school.

But they often can’t see beyond immediate needs of getting money for buying food, clothes or drugs to get high on, he said. They don’t think they’ll get caught and justify what they’re doing as just a game.

It breaks Kelly’s heart, he said. He said he has known many of the gang members who were arrested since they were innocent kids in elementary school.

“Moms are grieving because they feel like they’ve lost their kids to this behavior,” Kelly said.

The arrests will hopefully serve a new purpose, he said.

“This will confirm to these kids that there is a consequence.”

Kirk Mitchell: 303-954-1206 or

Unreported crimes

Police are hoping other victims will come forward to help them solve a number of unreported robberies and assaults. The incidents were seen by witnesses or cameras, but no victims have come forward.

July: 600 16th St.

First incident: White male victim entering the Taco Bell with white female when assaulted.

Second incident: White male assaulted outside Taco Bell.

Aug. 2, 10:40 p.m.: Colfax Avenue at Broadway

White or Latino male attacked in the street. (Other assaults may have occurred here and gone unreported.)

Aug. 9, 2 a.m.: 17th Street at Market Street

White male at ATM robbed in the street.

Aug. 16, 2 a.m.: 1600 Market St.

Female berated about interracial date, then assaulted. The black female was with a white male.

Aug. 23, 2:30 a.m.: 16th Street at Champa Street

In front of 7-Eleven store, white male assaulted in the street.

Aug. 23, 2:35 a.m.: 16th Street at Champa Street

In front of 7-Eleven store, white male assaulted in the street.

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James P. writes:

“These black thugs knock unconscious a white man while taping the attack for later sharing and enjoyment.”

Also happened in Minneapolis, see this, this, this, and this.

Note that the Twin Cities paper calls the attacks “apparently random”—not clearly black-on-white as they obviously were:

“St. Paul police said this morning that they have arrested two people in series of apparently random assaults that were videotaped and put on YouTube.”

LA replies:

By random, they mean that the muggers did not know in advance of each attack which white person they were going to asssault.

Eric E. writes:

In the article about the blacks attacking whites you said ” It’s as though the only way the reporter felt comfortable telling what these blacks are doing was by extensively quoting a person who relativizes and excuses their actions.”

I noticed this too. I also noticed that the “reverend,” who obviously knew of the actions of these gang bangers, only warned them not to get caught, not that their actions were wrong, telling them that there would be “consequences” because the victims were white, thus reinforcing the view that white society doesn’t care about black victims.

Also in the article the reverend says, “A lot of my kids are frustrated because they think the system doesn’t care.”

I have heard this repeated by blacks and their apologists for years. I can only surmise that what blacks mean by “system” is white society. I think that they are probably right. White society is just too competitve for blacks to flourish. They simply don’t belong here. I often hear of liberal whites decrying the fact that black unemployment is double or triple white unemployement, and of course blame racism as the cause. What kind of job can these blacks actually do? The dropout rate for blacks is absurdly high. Aside from government agencies what other employer could throw money away trying to teach an adult black how to behave like an adult, much less perform a needed task? Is an employer expected to spend thousands of dollars to train a black man to do a job, only for the black to become disinterested and quit after a few weeks?

One day in the future, perhaps after the breakup of this country, the chains of liberal thought will be thrown off and people will be able to speak the truth without fear. Blacks average IQ puts them at such a disadvantage that no matter what amount of government tinkering takes place, they just cannot compete with whites or Asians, and that is just dealing with intelligence, not taking into account the abysmal work ethic of average blacks.

Liberalism is such a millstone around the neck of white Western civiliztion that I see no way to compete at this point with China, Japan or even Korea.

LA replies:

Your comment adds to the general sense being expressed now that America as we knew it is done, cannot recover. The only way there’s any hope of going beyond liberalism is through the crash of liberal society.

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