Perry on Mexico and Mexicans

Buck O. writes:

Paul K. wrote:

“By the way, Perry was terribly mushy on immigration tonight—truly Busherino II.”

Mushy? Perry was a complete disaster. I went from liking him to totally disliking him last night. His position that Mexico is and always has been a part of Texas—like they are siblings and the independent republic of Texas in not a sibling of the other 49 United States. He, practically said that Texas (with him as governor) knows that it is a Texas’ responsibility to nurture and educate the young illegals—to make them prosper—and that Texas will assert its state-right to do so rather than simply and willingly comply with its obligation to give them free money for the rest of their lives. Perry never said one word that even remotely sounded like he will ever lift a finger to rid Texas of one single beloved illegal. Perry seemed incapable of hiding the fact that he holds more affection for Mexico than he does for the rest of the United States, which seems more distant and detached from his Texas than does his Mexico.

How can anyone vote for a man who seems to love his southern neighbor more that he loves his own country? I say seems, because that was all I saw in him last night.

If Mexico was a woman, Perry’s wife would be suing for divorce.

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Paul K. writes:

I agree with Buck O. that Perry is a disaster on immigration. The mushiness I referred to was the incoherent manner in which he tried to defend giving illegals in-state tuition rates at Texas colleges. The Tea Party audience didn’t sound like it was receiving it well.

Mickey Kaus commented on Perry’s inadequacy on immigration control a few days ago:

Rick Perry’s record on immigration isn’t as bad as I thought. It’s worse! … It’s not just that he doesn’t want to build the border fence. Many fence opponents argue (though I disagree) that it’s far more important to take away the “jobs magnet” that lures illegals to try to cross the border in the first place. But Perry hasn’t supported the quickest, best way to take away the jobs magnet, which is to require all private employers to use the “E-Verify” electronic check of Social Security numbers. Perry wouldn’t even require his own state government to use E-Verify, let alone private employers, declaring “E-Verify would not make a hill of beans’ difference when it comes to what’s happening in America today.”

David B. writes:

Buck O. wrote:

“How can anyone vote for a man who seems to love his southern neighbor more than he loves his own country?”

Well, so-called conservative Republicans have done exactly that in previous GOP presidential primaries. The Stupid Party voters (“I didn’t know McCain was for amnesty”) are probably going to do it again.

LA replies:

David is making a devastating point, and one that could almost make one give up hope.

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