The latest fake white-racist hate crime

A female student, presumably nonwhite, hangs a noose on a bookcase in the main library of the University of California, San Diego. At the news of the noose, which, notwithstanding the innumerable previous fake white-racist hate crimes that were instigated by nonwhites, everyone immediately assumes was hung by a white racist, the students go nuts and occupy the office of the university’s chancellor, as though the chancellor were the one responsible for the unknown white racist’s act. No one is arrested or punished for occupying the chancellor’s office. Then the student who hung the noose admits to police that she did it. She is not expelled, but only suspended. Meanwhile the noose media, excuse me, the news media, report the fact that the noose hanging was a fake as though this were a discrete, one-time, and meaningless event, never mentioning the pattern of innumerable previous fake white-racist hate crimes instigated by nonwhites of which this current incident is but the latest example. And the beat goes on, the beat goes on.

The story is in the Los Angeles Times:

Noose ignites more protests at UC San Diego

A student who admits she hung it in the campus library has been suspended.

A UC San Diego student admitted Friday to hanging a rope noose from a campus library bookcase in an act that triggered more protests at a school already roiled by other recent racially charged incidents.

Angry students responded to the incident by storming and occupying the office of UC San Diego Chancellor Marye Anne Fox. The sit-in continued for about six hours Friday and ended without arrests, and a sympathy protest at UCLA lasted about an hour, officials said.

UC San Diego police confirmed that the student contacted them Friday morning and acknowledged responsibility for placing the noose the night before on a lamp fixture atop a seventh-floor bookcase in the campus’ main library. Police did not release the woman’s name or race or provide any information about a motive. [Emphasis added.]

The incident was the latest in a series of events sparking racial tensions and concern at the San Diego campus. On Feb. 15, an off-campus party, described as a “Compton Cookout,” mocked Black History Month, leading to large student protests. A few days later, a campus satirical group defended the party and used a derogatory term about blacks on a campus television show.

Fox said she suspended the student who hung the noose pending further investigation.

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