An anti-white radical leftist in the White House => a revival of conservatism

John Dempsey writes:

In the months leading up to the November 2008 presidential election, I must say that I recoiled almost every time you stated your view that the election of Obama would be better for conservatism than if McCain were to win. Your view was that a McCain presidency would destroy conservatism versus an Obama presidency that would energize and revitalize conservatism. I was of the view that conservatism for the past few decades had become so watered down that it was subject to ultimate destruction if the Magician in Chief were to be elected. I thought that the current state of conservatism which is soaked in liberalism, would be unable to articulate a defense based on what I believe to be the foundation of conservatism, which is the defense of our particular people and our culture; that of the white race.

I was wrong and you were right, at least in my little corner of the world. A couple of days ago, I was having lunch with a small group of people that I have known for a long time. The discussion was revolving around the health care debate. Now this group, being fairly conservative folk, spent some time complaining of how health care would ultimately have to be rationed under the public option, etc. Then one person in the group spoke up saying that Obamacare is ultimately designed to mandate that the productive in society pay for the health care of, as she put it, “the other.” Not one person in this group had ever mentioned race in the past with the exception of complaining about illegal Hispanic immigration. In less than a minute, the discussion turned to race and race preferences. I sat back and listened to the conversation as it evolved. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! These people were morally defending the preservation of the white race as being indispensable to the continuation of Western Civilization! There were two very well articulated views on the subject, and not one of these friends showed any hesitation on the subject matter being discussed. I was astounded.

Now, one variable left to be considered was your view that Obama’s policies could possibly inflict irreparable damage on America before he is out of office As you stated, this was also potentially very problematic with his election. Here is an article, “Justice Department to Recharge Civil Rights Enforcement,” which I haven’t seen you discuss, and that doesn’t give me a lot of hope on the matter.

September 7

LA replies:

To say that the Obama Justice Department’s greater aggressiveness in the anti-racial discrimination area is enough to make you give up hope that Obama can be stopped from inflicting irreparable harm on America is to show a defeatist attitude unwarranted by the facts. Such policy changes are the bare minimum we would expect to see in any Democratic administration. I’ve posted the article in a new entry.

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