What Wilson hath wrought

Reader Einton shows how Rep. Joseph Wilson’s outburst from the House floor, far from getting him dismissed as an overemotional partisan, has caused the Democrats to re-evaluate the illegal alien aspect of the health care bills and to make sure that illegals are prevented from getting coverage, which, as Einton points out, is a tacit admission that up to this point they were NOT prevented from getting coverage. Further, this re-thinking process is being brought to us by courtesy of the most biased liberal press agency in America, the AP. All because Rep. Wilson, by yelling, “You lie,” spoke the truth.

But let’s not forget. Our aim is not to improve this bill so as to help get it passed! Our aim is to stop this bill at all costs, because whatever improvements it may contain, it will still spell a nightmarish expansion of federal bureaucratic control over one sixth of the economy and the ruin of the rest of the economy through crushing taxation and unprecedented deficits. The good news is not that the Dems are improving the bill; the good news is that the Dems and Obama have been exposed once again as total liars, who up to this point had insisted that illegals would be barred from participating and who dismissed as kooks everyone who said otherwise.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at September 12, 2009 12:50 AM | Send

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