Democratic Party rent-a-mob disrupts Romney rally in Virginia; and what such tactics portend for Election Day

Vincent Chiarello writes:

On August 11, along with three members of the American Council for Immigration Reform, I attended the Romney/Ryan campaign stop in Manassas, Virginia. Although each of us had a ticket to enter the civic auditorium where the rally took place, our purpose in attending was to bring signs to the gathering, all of which dealt with Obama’s immigration policies which are so disastrous for American workers.

Evident upon our arrival in the town known for the Battle of Bull Run were very long lines of people, almost exclusively white, stretching for blocks around the choke point of entry into the auditorium’s grounds. Thousands of people were waiting in line, and although I counted only five Virginia state troopers present, along with two policemen with a trained canine, no evidence of an unruly crowd was remotely apparent.

Directly opposite the entry point and across a street was a desk set up for Romney supporters, where two of my colleagues and I set up shop, holding up signs which pointed to the illegal amnesty, under the Dream Act, of undocumented aliens here under the age of 30. Another indicated that American workers were the last priority of the administration after illegal alien and immigrant workers.

To assist a colleague who was among a handful—12 to 15—of Obama supporters, mainly white, who were also present, I changed locations, but no sooner had I arrived than a woman, an Obama supporter, deliberately stood in front of the sign I was carrying, blocking its message. When I politely asked her to move, she ignored the request. When I moved to a different spot, she followed and stood in front of my new location. At that point, I crossed the street to ask assistance of Sgt. Smith of the Virginia State Troopers, but he declined, saying, he “didn’t want to get involved in a personal issue.”

After 45 minutes, I heard the words, “The buses are here” from one of the Obama supporters, and with that a group of 100 (I counted) from Washington arrived at the site. All of those who showed up were, unquestionably, brought to Manassas to create mayhem, and shortly after their arrival, as if choreographed, the group began loud chanting, led by two with a bullhorn, “No justice, no peace.” This was the first time I’d seen a “rent-a-mob” in action, and it was apparent to me that a menacing attitude was evident, especially by a young man who was one of the groups leaders, and who was dressed in military style with bracelets on two wrists of .30 calibre ammunition. The rest of the group wore black T-shirts with, “Bring Jobs to the District” printed on the back. The irony did not escape me: despite the fact that illegal aliens displace blacks more so than any other American worker, the Black Caucus strong supports the presence of illegal aliens.

It was after 30 minutes of this cacophony that I saw something frightening: the mass of “rent-a-mob,” under choreographed direction and en masse moved across the street to attempt to block the entry of those waiting to get into the auditorium grounds. They were looking for “an incident,” whereby they could claim they were mistreated. Although they remained at the entry point for more than twenty minutes, the ticket people at the gate and the police held their ground. Then, as if on command, the mob retreated back to their bus.

As a result of this experience, I believe that the tactics used by the mob at Manassas on August 11 will be used nationwide by the Obama people on Election Day. From what I saw I truly believe that Obama supporters will violate any sense of democratic principle at the voting booth, and use intimidation if necessary. They will also try to hinder people’s access to the voting booths in largely Romney supporter areas, and seek to use mayhem by claiming discrimination in not being allowed to vote when they are not authorized to do so. Will blood flow in the streets if Obama loses?

There was one part my experience in Manassas that concerned me, and should concern anyone who believes in equality before the law. While the young man in military dress and his partner addressed the throng with their bullhorns, they were physically in the street. Earlier, my colleague had been told by a state trooper than no one could block traffic by staying in the street holding a sign, and my friend was dutifully asked to move back onto the sidewalk, which he did. During that time of the deafening noises and chanting, the men with the bullhorns walked up and down the street, and no state trooper came over to tell them that such a presence was unlawful.

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N. writes:

Similar efforts were made in the 2008 election, especially by the SEIU. Recall Ken Gladney, physically assaulted in Missouri while handing out Gadsden flags, for example. I recall a rally in Denver where SEIU and possible NEA members deliberately stood as close to Obama opponents as possible, while using bullhorns.

I also recall a friend of mine seeing what appeared to be whispered threats; an SEIU member in his purple shirt stood behind an anti-Obama woman for some time, leaning in close to the back of her head, and suddenly she just left the rally entirely.

So in view of all the above, I believe that anyone who attends any pro-Romney event should equip himself with multiple recording devices. Video-record the arrival of a rent-a-mob on a bus, and if some Obama supporter attempts to intimidate you into not video recording, then record that as well. Be ready to have any recording devices snatched away. Record each other from time to time, in order to establish presence and time—if someone is assaulted, then video that and get as much evidence as possible.

Women who attend rallies should be prepared to take photos of any male Obama supporters who attempt to intimidate them. Men at these rallies should be prepared to get images of any Obama supporter(s) attempting to intimidate anyone. Many tea party members are over 50, and thus a bit vulnerable to physical intimidation.

Record, record, record. The Obama supporters in the media will deny anything happened based on any one’s words, but images are harder to ignore. We can expect the Obama campaign to pull out all the Chicago tricks, including attacking people physically, in their quest for victory.

Paul Henri writes:

Traditionalists are increasingly under attack by the criminal organization known as the Democratic Party and its propaganda outlets in the Media: NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, Hollywood, most cable/satellite channels, publishers, conservative establishment outlets, etc.

Traditionalists should take self-defense courses and weight train. If they are highly motivated to serve as a special vanguard, they should learn special skills, which take time and dedication. They should buy firearms and learn how to use them; this is not a difficult task. It is fun. They should obtain firearm permits. Here is a synopsis of the various laws including open-carry laws. And yes, yes, yes they should acquire audio/video cameras and carry them with or without their firearms.

If traditionalists did this en masse, there is a reasonable chance they would see a new country begin to emerge. This Spartan philosophy, the new technologies, and our constitutional rights are akin to smart bombs and drones. They can be turned against the liberal establishment to great effect.

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