19-year-old black arrested for murder of his 19-year-old white girlfriend, both of them students at Minnesota State University

(Note, July 12: See the discussion starting here, culminating in a satirical commemorative U.S. coin which a reader considers racist and which I defend.)

This entry could also be titled, “An investigative journey through the race-free journalism of black violence against whites.”

Dean Ericson writes:

So I see on Drudge that story you’ve already posted:

“Mob Of Teenage Girls Attacks Minneapolis Mom, 4-Year-Old Daughter … ”

I click on that article and it’s the by-now-familiar story of a nondescript mob of “teens”—or, as in this case, “teenage girls”—attacking someone, and we have to do some investigating and reading between the lines to find out what actually happened. We can see in the video that the victim is a white woman. But nowhere in the story does it mention the race of the attackers. So from that we can deduce that it’s likely a black mob. Since it’s a mob of feral girls in North Minneapolis that knocked the victim to the ground and then began kicking her in the head we can say with 99.9999999 percent certainty they are BLACK. The comments following the story look to be uncensored and unmoderated and you can see whites know exactly what the score is, with just a few liberals/leftists popping in with their inevitable screech of “racism!”

Then I notice, down on the bottom of that CBS webpage there’s a few more stories linked. I figure that with any story featuring criminal behavior there’s a good chance it will involve blacks, so I click on this one:

Police Investigate Body Found In Mankato

… which tells about a woman’s body found in a roadway median last Friday, in broad daylight, in Mankato, Minnesota (which was a nice, quiet rural white town when I lived in Minnesota). The victim is a 19 year old woman, Josselyn Bishop. Police have arrested Damone Christopher Williams-Tillman. Damone? Gotta be a black guy, but of course there’s no mention of that. Watch the video and you see that Josselyn’s friends are all white, so Josselyn is white. Let’s see if a photo of Damone can be found….

Okay, here:

Damone Christopher Williams-Tillman

Then some more searching comes up with this quote from an article on the local Fox affiliate:

While investigators were digging into the connection between the victim and the suspect, FOX 9 News found a You Tube video that appears to shot in the Mankato State University dorms, where the woman was a student. Tillman and Bishop are seen cuddling in one scene and seem to have a very comfortable relationship. (“Police Arrest 19-Year-Old in Mankato Woman’s Death.”)

So I go looking on YouTube for that video and find them, two videos, uploaded by a student at Minnesota State University, Mankato. The cameraman is a foul-mouthed, fast talking young black man who walks through his dorm going into different rooms and trash-talking with the students he finds there. In the first video, he enters an adjacent room and trains the camera on a black man and white woman rolling around on the floor, fully clothed, in various amorous poses, giggling. The cameraman keeps coming back to their room to check on them and the amorous couple plays along with the game, thinking the whole thing is funny. At this point we don’t know who these people are.

In the second video, we hear, at 58 seconds into the video, the cameraman identify them—it’s Chris Tillman and Josselyn Bishop, the murder victim and her suspected killer. So this poor, ignorant young white woman, who thinks acting out sex with her black boyfriend in a dorm on the campus of Minnesota State University is a big joke, ends up being murdered by him. What’s also notable about the video is seeing the kind of trashy, stupid, and suicidal behavior that’s considered normal in a dorm room these days, even in Mankato. (And you also hear trash-mouth, the cameraman, jokingly threaten his white roommates that he’s going to upload his video of them and then accuse them of racism on Facebook). Just another snapshot of the ongoing suicidal depravity of liberalism.

LA to Dean Ericson:
Good work.

I’m preparing this for posting now. The first story you linked gives no indication that the suspect is a student. So evidently he was just hanging out at the university taking advantage of the naive white co-eds.

Dean Ericson replies:

The suspected killer is a student also. In the video you see the trash-talking black cameraman go into the dorm room where the eventual victim, Josselyn Bishop, and the eventual killer, Damone Christopher Williams-Tillman (“Chris Tillman”) are making out on the floor, and the cameraman tells us, here’s my bunk, and here’s Chris Tillman’s bunk—meaning the cameraman and Tillman, two black guys, are sharing a room on campus (so the naive white Eloi chick victim is in the black guy’s dorm room). So the killer is a student also. By the way, if you have the time do watch both videos (about 20 minutes worth)—it’s an eye opener on what a college dorm is like these days.

- end of initial entry -

Alan A. writes:

Here’s a photo of the deceased, with a baby identified as her sister.

Josselyn Bishop

LA writes:

Below are the three stories on the murder and arrest that Mr. Ericson linked. Notice how without affect they are, how neutral and bland. Normally (that is, in a world we would think of as normal) the murder of female college student, with her body found with multiple stab wounds, followed by the arrest of her student boyfriend for the murder, would be sensational news anywhere in the country, let alone in a city of 40,000 in Minnesota. But in these three stories the murder of Josselyn Bishop is treated as being of no more human significance than a street light being repaired—or less.

Man Arrested After Woman Found Dead In Mankato
Minnesota CBS Local

MANKATO, Minn. (WCCO)—A homicide investigation in Mankato Friday led to the arrest of a Golden Valley man.

Police found the body of 19-year-old Josselyn Bishop, of Henderson, on Victory Drive in Mankato, Minn., Friday around 3 p.m. The girl’s body, which had suffered multiple stab wounds, was found on a grassy median that separated the four-lane road near the intersection of North Victory Drive and Sohler Drive.

The girl’s body was left without identification, but police got a break when Bishop’s roommate reported her missing.

Detective Matt DuRose of Mankato Police said that before police got that call, they didn’t know where to go with the investigation.

It was through interviewing Bishop’s roommate that detectives were able to established a link between Bishop and her suspected murderer, who is one of Bishop’s ex-boyfriends.

Police arrested 19-year-old Damone Christopher Williams-Tillman, who now faces second-degree intentional murder charges.

For those who knew Bishop, however, the quick arrest of Williams-Tillman gives little comfort.

“Just terrible how it had to be her, happen to her,” said Shauna, a friend of Bishop’s. “I can’t imagine anyone hurting her.”

Williams-Tillman was transported to Mankato and booked in the Blue Earth County Jail.

Anyone with further information about the homicide is asked to call Mankato Police. The Mankato Department of Public Safety and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension are investigating.

Damone Williams-Tillman arrested in Mankato murder
Minneapolis News

By Mike Mullen Mon., Jul. 11 2011 at 7:41 AM

Damone Williams-Tillman was arrested Saturday on suspicion of killing Josselyn Bishop, 19, a Mankato State University student.

Bishop, a native of Henderson, had been the victim of multiple stab wounds. Her body was found by a roadside in Mankato on Friday afternoon.

Williams-Tillman, also 19, lives in Golden Valley. He was booked into Blue Earth County Jail, where he’s being held with a pending charge of second-degree murder.

Mankato police believe Williams-Tillman was seen driving his blue Ford Focus in the area that Bishop’s body was recovered, and are attempting to recover any surveillance video that might put Williams-Tillman or his car at the scene.

Police believe Williams-Tillman and Bishop had a previous relationship, but wouldn’t speculate on the nature of it.

Police Arrest 19-Year-Old in Mankato Woman’s Death
YouTube video reveals relationship
Updated: Sunday, 10 Jul 2011, 3:01 PM July 11, 2011
Published : Saturday, 09 Jul 2011, 6:47 PM CDT

Mankato, Minn.—A bit of mystery has been unfolding all day in Mankato. It began with a woman found stabbed in the middle of an intersection. It happened at North Victory and Sohler Drive. First responders could not save her and she died. For a long time, police didn’t know the woman’s name.

The victim’s body was discovered in a grassy median Friday afternoon.

In the industrial section of Mankato on Saturday, a lone flower had been stuck in the ground as part of a memorial for 19-year-old Josselyn Bishop. She was stabbed multiple times and left to die just a couple miles from her job at a local McDonalds.

Police arrested 19-year-old Chris Tillman, of Golden Valley, in connection with the death.

While invistigators were digging into the connection between the victim and the suspect, FOX 9 News found a You Tube video that appears to shot in the Mankato State University dorms, where the woman was a student. Tillman and Bishop are seen cuddling in one scene and seem to have a very comfortable relationship.

How and why it appeared to end in such rage is something detectives are trying to sort out.

Ron K. writes:

Speaking of Mankato, the city wasn’t simply “a nice, quiet rural white town,” as Mr Ericson put it, but extremely white, judging from two incidents in the 1970s.

They once elected an 18-year-old mayor. This is more common today but was quite radical at the time. Consider, when that decade began, 18-year-olds couldn’t even vote in any state but Georgia. (Which means Barry Goldwater carried the “baby boom” vote, but that’s another story.)

Also, 2011 is the 40th anniversary of the first successful (for a time) same-sex marriage application, which took place in Mankato. Two guys were denied in Minneapolis, so they went to a nearby college town, a handy strategy.

Mea culpa—when I moved to Michigan years ago, the DMV in Lansing refused to accept my N.Y. license. So I went over to East Lansing, another college town, where a nice old lady ladly gave me a Michigan license.

Forum shopping—as American as apple pie.

Jim C. writes:

White women should be warned to avoid cavorting with Negroes. If affirmative action played a role in this Morlock’s entree into the Eloi’s world, I believe the family should sue the university for negligence. University administrators should prioritize protecting students from crime, and not promoting mediocrities that are unable to perform cognitively.

James N. writes:

I was reading the two Minnesota articles, and I took a break to get some sandwiches at a local sub shop.

My state is 95 percent white, the town population is 6,000. No indigenous black population, though local boarding school is vibrant and diverse.

So, blocking my way into the sub shop are three white girls dressed like hookers hanging onto a sullen black teen with dead eyes.

Whaddup widdat, bro?

LA replies:

What’s up with that is that white girls dressed like hookers hanging onto a sullen black teen with dead eyes are a symbol of what our society has become, what it has been changed into by liberalism.

It should be made our new national symbol, replacing the Great Seal.

Or there should be a commemative $100 coin using that image. That would be more appropriate and vibrant than the staid, formulaic, multicultural/feminist re-working of the image of America that was executed in the “More Perfect Union” commemorative platinum coin in 2009 (see VFR’s discussion about the coin here):


Come on—an idealistic white woman looking upward and outward to the dream of a post-white America, and leading obedient nonwhites to it? How hackneyed, how square, how Nineties. What’s needed is a coin with the real image of America, a 20 year old white girl dressed like a whore, hanging on to a dead-eyed black thug who is quietly drawing a knife from his pocket.

Damone Christopher Williams-Tillman could be used as the model:


July 12

Matthew H. writes:

Your post inspired me to give it a go:


LA writes:

I’m sure some readers will think that the above image goes too far and seems or is racist. I’ve thought about it further, and I think the image is valid. It expresses a reality of today’s America that is by now so normalized that it’s not even noticed—not noticed, that is, by mainstream America. Routinely, black males date and kill or otherwise harm and abuse white females, and the fact that this is happening is never discussed, and the fact that it’s never discussed is never discussed, thus leading more white females to get themselves into situations where they are killed. So Matthew H.’s coin accomplishes two worthwhile things: it expresses plainly the simple existence of this reality which is never discussed; and it satirizes this by-now normalized reality by turning it into a symbol of America.

A female reader writes:

The particular image of the black is like some racist cartoon of the Jim Crow days.

LA replies:

Some aspects of the Jim Crow period (in the South) and general discrimination (in the North) were good. The local separation of the races protected whites and particularly white females from predatory black males. In the hated Jim Crow period, the tens of thousands of murders of whites and rapes of white women that have occurred over the last 45 years would not have occurred.

I do not call for a literal return to Jim Crow. But I have repeatedly said that white America by overthrowing Jim Crow and all racial discrimination has exposed itself to black violence and in particular has turned white females into naive helpless prey.

LA continues:

I do not advocate the return of Jim Crow. But I do say that whites must become aware of black violence and adopt policies to protect themselves from it. See, for example, my recent commonsense solution to America’s race problem.

Tell me what policies, statements, and attitudes YOU would advocate to end the black predation of whites.

Irv P. writes:

I like the coin!

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