Still not quite getting it about Islam

In helping Canadian jihad critic Ezra Levant defend himself against yet another suit by Muslims, Mark Steyn thinks that Levant and other anti-jihadists are winning. But, as Kidist Paulos Asrat points out at her blog, they’re really losing, and the Muslims are winning, since Muslim numbers and power keep increasing (an issue that neither Levant nor Steyn have ever addressed or even noticed), and the Muslims’ ability to keep suing people like Levant will not end. As Asrat hints in a parenthetical aside, and has said explicitly elsewhere, the only solution to the Islam threat is to stop and reverse Muslim immigration.

Miss Asrat, who is also a regular commenter at this site, is a rare person: she is not only an immigrant (to Canada), but a non-European immigrant (from Ethiopia), who favors immigration restrictions. Why? Very simple. She loves and cares about Canada and the West more than about increasing the numbers of her fellow immigrants.

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July 30

Ingemar Pedron writes:

Though I realize KPA is a rarity amongst immigrants in the West, I would also add that her stance is perfectly rational. I also come from a Third World background and share the same view. I have a maxim so simple that only liberals and radical egalitarians would not understand it:

“If you import millions of Third World immigrants, your country will soon be a Third World country.”

This is even more likely to happen since America’s whites decided it was evil to reproduce. Then, again, given American anti-culture as it is right now, more white liberals in this country won’t solve our problems.

P.S. As an aside, I’ve noticed that immigration is as bad for the immigrants as it is for the native population. Bush’s ludicrous “Hispanic family values” excuse for asylum betrays the fact that American anti-culture fully embraces the culture of victimhood as well as the culture of irresponsible parenting due to sexual promiscuity. If America had a rigorous culture that didn’t reward irresponsibility and promiscuity and demanded that all its people adhere to the rule of law, we probably wouldn’t have this problem.

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