Time says Obama made false charge against the Chamber of Commerce out of revenge for opposing his agenda

Michael Crowley in Time, after establishing that there is zero evidence for Obama’s accusation that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce spent foreign funds on its U.S. political activities, asks:

So what’s the White House really after? Payback. Last year the chamber spent $144 million on lobbying, much of it focused on blocking Obama’s core agenda. The chamber opposed Obama’s health care plan in Congress (and also ran thousands of ads against it, according to Josten). It opposed Obama’s Wall Street regulatory-reform plan so intensely—saying it “will silence the heartbeat of our economy”—that it has vowed to challenge the law in the courts. And the chamber strongly opposed a House version of the Administration’s plan to slow climate change, another top Obama priority.

When Time is calling the liberal messiah a liberal Nixon, the hour is late indeed. Except that it’s very far from late. Obama has two years and three months remaining in his term. What’s he going to do during that time, other than wage bloody war against the Congressional Republicans, as Biden has promised he will do?

Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 14, 2010 08:41 AM | Send

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