A new explanation on why (Christian) whites won’t face the truth about race

At the blog Accidental Dissent the unnamed blogger writes:

One form of leftist secular religion—shared by too many who consider themselves “right”—is the belief in the promise of “mixtopia”—the perfect society that will emerge after the races have melded into one. Signs abound that it will be anything but perfect but believers ignore them.

My suspicion as to why white believers—highly educated, intelligent white believers who can see the trends—ignore the signs or downplay them is their inability to deal with racial mortality. They know their race is on the way out but they force themselves to believe it’s a good thing because to admit otherwise would, among other things, require them to peer into the abyss of looming non-existence with full knowledge that it was all for naught, that they made a terrible, terrible mistake, or that, even worse, they were tricked into making it. This they cannot handle and so they assuage themselves with obscure post-modern theories that always manage to presume a blank slate equality.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 26, 2009 11:03 AM | Send

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