Women advance in democratic Egypt!

The following item is copied exactly as it appears at Jihad Watch:
Egypt: Women Herded and Tied Like Camels?


The above picture, taken at a recent protest in Egypt, has been making the rounds on various Arabic websites. Note the rope around the women, herding them like camels; note the man to the right holding the leash, walking them. I am told this is a common “precautionary measure” to keep women from mixing with men during protests.

Considering that certain Islamic texts describe females as “she-camels in heat,” or that it is traditional for some men to divorce their wives by saying “you are given free rein and unloosed like that camel,” or that Muslims are thought to have a mind-frame rooted in sand, camels, and ropes—this measure must surely seem natural.

At any rate, to those who think that history must always progress, take note: fifty years ago, the overwhelming majority of women in Egypt wore dresses, hair uncovered, and would never have condescended to being walked on a leash.

Such is “progress”—“Arab Spring” style.

Posted by Raymond on November 10, 2011 11:41 AM

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And don’t forget: this is the result of the revolution that the entire American political establishment—left, center, and “right”—have applauded and welcomed as the onset of freedom in the Islamic world. What those blind deluded idiots all refuse to recognize, of course, is that freedom in the Islamic world simply means the freedom to practice Islam.

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