What is the vocation of the establicons for the next six months, and, they hope, for the next four years?

Defending John McCain from the liberal media.

Thus Greg Pollowitz at NRO, in response to a Washington Post story about McCain’s life-long temper problem, questions the credibility of Republican Arizona state senator Karen Johnson, who is quoted in the article. Pollowitz points out that Johnson is a “truther,” one of those people who think the real truth of who attacked the World Trade Center has been hidden by the government, and therefore she is not a person whose judgment is to be trusted. Ok, fair point. But that doesn’t take away from the story as a whole, which includes many well-known and well-attested incidents McCain’s explosions at his fellow senators and others. What’s more important, the fact that one of the many people quoted in this article has oddball beliefs, or the truth about McCain’s temper, which he himself has admitted?

That’s what we’ll get if McCain is elected: four years of conservatives offering knee jerk defenses of this anti-American mediocrity. What an exciting prospect!

If you object to my calling McCain anti-American, read again Rick Santorum’s account of McCain’s repeated attacks on his fellow GOP senators as racists if they opposed his immigration bill. McCain believes that any failure to go along with the Mexicanization of the U.S. is immoral and wicked. He believes that any opposition to the surrender of our sovereignty and national identity should not even be spoken. If such a belief is not anti-American, nothing is.

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