An unfond farewell to the Olympics

Laura Wood writes at The Thinking Housewife:

Let the Flame Die


THE OLYMPIC GAMES are not, as Pope Benedict XVI recently said, “the greatest sporting event in the world.” They are an irredeemably vulgar and totalitarian spectacle. I have no intention of watching the closing ceremonies when they are broadcast here tonight. They couldn’t have come too soon. Judging from the photos, they were every bit as chilling as the opening ceremonies, with their bedazzling, techno-babble chaos, their pantomimes of patriotism, their flashes of demonic imagery, all under the Royal family’s adoring gaze. It was about as enjoyable as being stunned with a Taser. Whatever residue of warm feeling I had toward the Olympics has been extinguished.

Totalitarian indeed. Just look at that photo. What particularly gets me is the sinister, featureless figures standing in a circle around the gigantic flame. This is the symbolization of a fascist pagan state. Which is what Britain has become. Click here for a larger version of the photograph which makes clearer the horror of this event.

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Sage McLaughlin writes:

Your comment that, “This is the symbolization of a fascist pagan state,” is just right. Consider well that the flame itself is not even a single flame upheld by a single tower—it is a bundle of smaller candlesticks, which is pretty much the exact etymological origin of the word “fascism.” I’m sure the Games’ art directors intended this as a reference to multi-culturalism. The recessed lighting gives the staircase a sort of mystical quality, and the uniformed guards depict the faceless power of the secular state protecting the whole terrible edifice.

This is Great Britain, land of one of the most awe-inspiring cultural, political, and linguistic patrimonies ever to grace the earth. Britain’s rejection of that patrimony is not less than a criminal act. Britain evinces no great love of humanity in destroying that precious heritage and denying it to the world forever.

JC in Houston writes:

Maybe it’s time for another Theodosius, the Roman emperor who abolished the ancient version of the Olympic games in 393 A.D. for being a pagan spectacle. I came across this article about the banning of those games. I can see many parallels between the depraved spectacles those games had become and their modern version.

Paul T. writes:

Somewhere, Albert Speer is laughing.

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