Black woman cuts open pregnant woman to take her baby

Reported in detail tonight by the AP is the arrest of 38 year old Andrea Curry-Demus of Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania in the murder of 18 year old Kia Johnson. Curry-Demus is charged with kidnapping Johnson, taking her to her house, binding her hands and feet with duct tape, and cutting open her belly to take out her 36 week old baby, which Curry-Demus then told people was her own. From the lame statements she made to several people before she was arrested about the baby being her own, she sounds as if she has an IQ of about 60.

Curry-Demus has a history of trying to steal other women’s babies.

As I look at this and the previous two posts, the following questions occur to me:

  • How many people in our society fit the following description: physically powerful, mentally deficient, morally depraved?

  • What percentage of those people are white? What percentage are Asian? What percentage are Hispanic? What percentage are black?

Here is the article:

PITTSBURGH—A woman suspected of cutting open a pregnant woman’s uterus and stealing the baby has been charged with homicide, unlawful restraint and kidnapping, police said Sunday.

Andrea Curry-Demus, 38, of Wilkinsburg, is charged in the death of Kia Johnson, 18, of McKeesport. Curry-Demus is accused of taking the baby boy to a Pittsburgh hospital and claiming it was her own.

Johnson’s body was found Friday in Curry-Demus’s apartment. The body was positively identified through dental records, Allegheny County Medical Examiner Karl Williams said Sunday.

In the criminal complaint, police said that video surveillance at the Allegheny County Jail from Tuesday afternoon shows Curry-Demus talking with Johnson for several minutes. The women were at the jail visiting different inmates, police said.

The clothing Johnson is seen wearing on the surveillance tape was consistent with the garments found on her body, police said.

Allegheny County Police Superintendent Charles Moffatt said the jail was the last time Johnson was seen alive.

Curry-Demus was being held in county jail on Sunday and it was not immediately clear whether she had an attorney. A lawyer who had represented her previously did not immediately return a phone message left Sunday.

No one was home at the McKeesport home of Johnson’s father on Sunday.

In the criminal complaint, police said Johnson’s body was found bound at the wrists and ankles with duct tape, and there were layers of duct tape and plastic covering much of her head. Her body was wrapped in a comforter and garbage bags and placed under the headboard of the bed in the master bedroom.

Williams said Johnson appeared to have been dead for about two days. She “had a wound to the abdomen consistent with the removal of a baby,” Allegheny County Police Superintendent Charles Moffatt said.

“A very sharp instrument” was used to cut open Johnson’s belly, he said.

Authorities said Johnson was 36 weeks pregnant, and they were trying to determine whether she was alive when the baby was removed. They also are awaiting toxicology tests to find out whether she was drugged. Test results are not expected for several weeks.

Police said in the complaint that Curry-Demus denied meeting Johnson but that she told investigators that her fingerprints would be on the duct tape and plastic used to wrap the body.

Curry-Demus showed up at the hospital Thursday with a newborn that still had the umbilical cord attached, police said. Tests later proved that she was not the mother.

Police said Curry-Demus initially told investigators she bought the baby for $1,000 from the its mother. She later said two people brought a pregnant woman to her apartment Tuesday evening, removed the baby the next day and gave it to her. She said she then took the newborn to her sister’s apartment and told her she had just given birth, police said.

Curry-Demus’ sister told investigators she didn’t see anyone else in Curry-Demus’ apartment when she visited twice Wednesday morning, police said. On the first occasion, Curry-Demus repeatedly went into the bedroom alone, closed the door and stayed there for several minutes. On the second occasion, Curry-Demus showed her sister the baby and claimed to have just given birth, police said.

Wilkinsburg Police Chief Ophelia Coleman said Sunday the child was “under observation.” Williams earlier said the baby was “apparently doing well.” The hospital has declined to release any information about the child.

In 1990, Curry-Demus, then known as Andrea Curry, was accused of stabbing a woman in an alleged plot to steal the woman’s infant. A day after that stabbing, Curry-Demus snatched a 3-week-old baby girl from a hospital after the child’s 16-year-old mother had gone home for the night. The baby was found unharmed with Curry-Demus at her home the next day.

Curry-Demus pleaded guilty in 1991 to various charges from both incidents and got three to 10 years in prison, according to court records. She was paroled in August 1998.

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Mary writes:

In 1995, Fedell Caffey and Jacqueline Williams wanted a male child and knew of a woman, Deborah Evans, who was pregnant with one and ready to give birth. So they entered Deborah Evans’ apartment one evening, shot her in the head, performed a crude cesarean section on her with scissors and while she was still alive. They succeeded in removing her baby boy and then killed her daughter and kidnapped her eight-year-old son Joshua, leaving her nineteen-month-old infant with her corpse. After returning to their apartment, they murdered Joshua by slitting his throat. The baby they took from her womb survives to this day. Caffey and Williams were convicted and sentenced to death; however, Illinois Governor George Ryan commuted all death sentences in Illinois in 2003. Andrea Curry-Demus’s alleged crime appears mild in comparison.

LA replies:

I remember reading about that years ago. In fact I was looking for it tonight in my computer files and couldn’t find it.

But wasn’t there a racial side? Weren’t the victim and her children white?

Mary replies:

Yes, Deborah Evans was white, as were her two murdered children. I think that the nineteen-month-old infant was the son of Jacqueline Williams cousin. I’m not sure about the child that they cut out her womb.

LA replies:

Here is Time’s account of the atrocity. Notice how the Time writer, Jill Smolowe, tries to “mainstream” and elevate the subhuman crime of Caffey and Williams by describing it as having the “bloody pathos of Greek tragedy.” Yes, and when a gang of blacks knocks a white man off his bicycle and proceeds to stomp and kick him in the head until he’s dead or brain injured for life, the event has the epic grandeur of a Homeric battle scene.

The worse blacks behave, the more outrageously white liberals lie and spin to cover up for them.

* * *

This is very disgusting but it appears to be a legitimate news story, from the Bromley Times in England.

Sheep molester strikes six times

18 June 2008

ANIMAL charities and farm workers have condemned a spate of sick animal attacks which are believed to have left two sheep dead.

Over recent months, the Times has heard reports of a tall black man sexually assaulting sheep in Chislehurst but it wasn’t until last week that witnesses formally reported it to police.

The attacks happened in and around Tongs Farm in Botany Bay Lane, six times between March and June and vary in time from 3 to 8pm.

Last Monday at 7.20pm, two shocked joggers saw a man sexually assaulting a sheep in a field before he ran off leaving some grey jogging bottoms at the scene. [cont.]

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