Teen girl mob of unspecified race beat up mother and daughters of unspecified race at Minneapolis park

The story, from CBS Minnesota, is linked at the Drudge Report. Notice the Eloi mother’s solicitude for the Morlocks who swarmed and assaulted her and hit her repeatedly in the head: Don’t be mean to them. I don’t want them punished. I just want an apology.

Mother: Teenage Girl Mob Attacked My Family
July 9, 2011 10:56 PM

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO)—A Minneapolis mother is looking for the public’s help in finding a mob of teenage girls that she says assaulted her family.

The attack happened Thursday afternoon inside Folwell Park on Minneapolis’ north side.

Shawnee Twiet [that’s the mother] says she was in and out of consciousness when the attack happened.

“As soon as I hit the ground, I just started feeling just everything coming from everywhere,” Twiet said. “I mean blows coming from the back of my head. I felt somebody grabbing the back of my hair.”

She suffered a black eye, bruises all over her body and imprints on her back. [LA replies: Those imprints on the victim are a repeated feature of these black wildings or flash mobs, evidently resulting from athletic shoes with deep patterns on the soles being stomped repeatedly on the victim.]

Twiet says she was not the original victim; her two daughters were targeted first. Twiet says the group blamed her daughters for taking a pair of sunglasses.

Twiet’s 15-year-old called home after she said she was threatened by the group. Twiet then made the three-block journey to Folwell Park.

Twiet said when she arrived at the park she saw a woman and some teenage girls crossing the street. She also saw her 15-year-old walking toward her, but she noticed that her 4-year-old daughter was missing.

Twiet then called 911 and screamed for her 4-year-old daughter.

While she was on the phone, Twiet saw her 4-year-old in the distance. She also saw a group of teenagers coming toward her.

“Not more than three feet from me she gets to me, and I got hit in the back of my head,” Twiet said.

The attack had started.

Still on the phone with police, Twiet gave them a description of the teenager who was hitting her. [LA replies: Hmm, what did this description consist of? “My daughters and I were attacked by a group of female teens”?]

“As soon as I picked up my daughter, I got hit two more times in the back of my head, which threw me forward,” Twiet said.

During the attack, Twiet was able to protect her 4-year-old.

Twiet says when police arrived at the scene, nobody wanted to come forward to tell them what had happened.

“Nobody wants to say which way anybody went,” Twiet said. “You know this was all over a pair of sunglasses that could have been replaced.”

Twiet’s 15-year-old suffered a swollen nose and a busted blood vessel in her eye. Her four year old has a bruise on her leg and a contusion on her head.

Twiet, however, does not want to see the teenagers that she says assaulted her family behind bars. She wants an apology.

She also wants the young ladies to perform community service, so they can learn to help others, instead of hurt them.

Police say there were witnesses to the beatdown, but no one has said who is responsible. Police are still investigating the incident.

If you know who might be responsible, call police.

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Greg W. writes:

If it weren’t already clear, I have a couple of further points to make that indicate that the assailants were black.

The article states: “Twiet says when police arrived at the scene, nobody wanted to come forward to tell them what had happened,” and “Police say there were witnesses to the beat down, but no one has said who is responsible. Police are still investigating the incident.”

As you well know, “snitching” is forbidden in the black community. This indicates to me that the mob was black, along with what I am calling SWPS, stupid white people syndrome. Whites in particular are quick to accept an apology and forgive their assailants when they are a minority. This lady is doing the same. It’s a shame and I believe whites are quick to forgive black behavior to prove they are not racist. If this lady’s attackers were white, she would be asking for jail time.

These two examples tell me that the attackers are black, as if we didn’t already know by the omission of the race of them. Also, the lady is shown here, and she is white.

Mark A. writes:

(1) One of the victims of this flash mob was four years old. I’m speechless.

(2) I just can’t seem to find out any information in the article about the attackers. There is no description other than age. How puzzling….

Robert B. from Minnesota writes:

Shawnee Twiet is not a Minnesota name. After watching the linked video, her accent is not “Minnesota” either. She comes from somewhere south of Iowa. Exactly where I cannot say, but it strikes me as Oklahoman.

Lastly, the North side of Minneapolis has been black a long time and since the mid eighties, blacks from Gary, Chicago, St. Louis, etc. But not native Minnesotan blacks. No native Minnesotan would be caught dead on the North side of Minneapolis.

LA writes:

The local CBS story about the Minneapolis attack (how inadequate is that word “attack,” we need more words conveying types and degrees of attack) contained a link to another story about the murder of a Minnesota co-ed. VFR reader Dean Ericson followed the link, did some searching, and got to the bottom of the story..

Ferg writes:

As a nearly life long resident of Minneapolis (except for nine years in California) I know the area well. I am a large man and I am always armed. None the less there are parts of the city and surounding areas that I avoid at all costs. I drive miles out of the way to avoid going through them, even in broad daylight. North Minneapolis and the North suburbs bordering is one, and there is a south side black area which is the other. These are places a white person normally has no business and should never enter. Too bad but they are no longer part of “our” city. They belong to the “other” now. And the boarded up windows and bars on the entrances to what businesses are left tell you how sucessful they are. White women with children who go to or live in these districts are just plain nuts in my opinion. The best way to handle trouble is to avoid it.

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