A developing civil war in Britain, and we can only know about it by reading tea leaves

Eleven men are on trial in Greater Liverpool Crown Court for, as a Manchester paper delicately phrases it, “conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with children under 16.” What the paper does not tell us, of course, is that the defendants are Muslims and their victims white British girls. How do I know this? Because I know, from blogs and from similarly fuzzy stories in the news media, that Muslim men, often acting in organized groups, have repeatedly raped white girls elsewhere in Britain and in other European countries, particularly Sweden; and because the article itself drops just enough hints to let us know the truth (see below).

However, the crimes of which the eleven are accused, and the trial resulting from them, are not the subject of the article. The subject of the article is a riot by “gangs of youths” (a euphemism normally reserved for blacks and Muslims but here apparently applied to supporters of the English Defence League) who, in anger about the rapes of British girls, “attacked local takeaways on Bridge Street, surrounding vehicles and threw missiles at police.” When I was first reading the article, and saw the phrase “gangs of youths,” I thought that the riots were by Muslims angry over the fact that their fellow Muslims were on trial for raping British girls. But the article corrected that impression with this: “Police said there were tensions in the borough following the ongoing court case and the youths involved were reported to be chanting ‘EDL’ (English Defence League) as they left.”

So, there is a jihad going on in Britain, a jihad that involves, among other things, the systematic rape of white girls. And now, thankfully, there is some pushback by some British, showing that the British are not entirely dead. But the article tells us nothing of these important facts. It only hints at them by indirection.

The rest of the article tells us—or, I should say, hints at—nothing more of substance. It is taken up with long quotations of the bland police announcements asking people to be peaceful and to keep their children home so as to avoid further violence.

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Timothy A. writes:

Trying to translate Newspeak (e.g. “gangs of youths”) into Oldspeak (“blacks and Muslims”) inexorably leads one into crimethink.

Christopher B. in England, who sent the item, writes:

This is also a hint that the whites are attacking Muslims:

” … attacked local takeaways … ”

A “takeaway” is what Americans call a take-out store, typically owned by a working Muslim family who came to the U.K. to better themselves, who work much harder than the British, and who culturally enrich the neighbourhood and provide a useful and popular product.

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