Boiling down Obama

Steve Sailer sums up the erstwhile prince who now seems a cheap prevaricator:

Isn’t anybody else getting tired of Obama repeatedly yanking our chains about his relationship with Rev. Wright? Unlike his protege, Wright has made sure to leave a paper (and DVD) trail decades long, and it’s not thoughtfully nuanced to the verge of utter incomprehensibility, either. The Rev. says what’s on his mind, and in no uncertain terms.

C’mon, Obama, be a man. Stand up and admit to one of two logical possibilities:

- Yes, I used to be about as leftist as Rev. Wright, but I changed my mind for the following reasons…


- Yes, I still am about as leftist as Rev. Wright, and here’s why…

Posted by Lawrence Auster at April 08, 2008 02:02 AM | Send

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