Obama’s nothing speech on immigration

Mark Krikorian writes at the Corner:

So, I figured the president’s major address on immigration might reveal something important. I’m at Cub Scout camp out in western Virginia, but I had to go to the laundromat anyway, so I watched the stream of the address using their free wi-fi while the clothes spun and tumbled. And what was the news that came out of it?

Nothing. Bupkes. Zilch.

Sure, I expected most of it to consist of the usual clichés, and I wasn’t disappointed: “false debates that divide us,” we can’t deport 11 million people, illegals will be “required to register” (in the new, focus-grouped terminology), and even Emma Lazarus (who, it turns out, wasn’t all that keen on the wretched refuse, after all).

But news? Nope. No announcement of a new legislative package. No details on a bill about to be dropped. No unilateral grant of amnesty. The speech was just one more effort at stringing the open-borders folks along while trying to blame the Republicans for not helping the Democrats pass an amnesty. (Wait, don’t the Dems have majorities in both houses?) In a kremlinological sense, you might infer White House openness to a piecemeal approach to amnesty, since the only actual piece of legislation Obama mentioned was the Dream Act, but even that is pure speculation.

We watch so you don’t have to.

It’s exactly as I pointed out two days ago, in “More bluffs from Obama and Dems on immigration bill,” where I wrote:

Instead of actually proposing a bill and trying to pass it, the Democrats and their constituent groups are looking for a way to make Republicans look bad for not supporting a bill which the Democrats themselves are unwilling to support.

Not that the failure of the Democrats to move ahead with comprehensive immigration reform is a victory for our side. Mass non-European immigration legal and illegal continues, steadily turning America into a nonwhite country in which its entire identity and being will be transformed, and whites will find themselves, at best, living like oligarchs ruling over a third world population, and, at worst, as dispossessed aliens in what was once their country and culture.

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