Leftoid madness squared

Normally I pay no attention to the frenzied left blogosphere, except to observe that the American left has been insane since 2000 and for that reason useless and unreadable. But Tim Graham at Newsbusters has quotations from an article by a writer named Troubadour at The Daily Kos which goes beyond anything I’ve seen from those quarters. Troubadour predicts that if the Republicans and Tea Partiers are victorious in the elections, they will, inter alia, turn to terrorist murder of their enemies.

Here’s a sampling:

If you recall, Timothy McVeigh only had the encouragement of his own bitter little militia subculture when he decided that blowing up a federal building would launch a “revolution.” So how emboldened will people like that become when the leadership of an elected government body, the media, and one of the two major political parties in this country all seem to be telling them in unison that (a)America is on their side, and (b)the nation is being invaded or oppressed by (insert demonic fantasy) with the aid of liberals and the Democratic Party?

Tell me that any of this is not a realistic scenario under such conditions: Democratic leaders physically afraid to associate with values that have prevailed in this country since its foundation; right-wing talk radio hosts cracking jokes about political murders and terrorist attacks, making excuses for their perpetrators, and ultimately all but volunteering their airtime for the groups responsible; attempted or successful assassinations of Republicans who speak against their party’s radicalization; coordinated, staged riots in major American cities using bused-in wingnut thugs in response to prosecutions of Republicans; and so on.

They can’t argue persuasively for their views, because their views are at best irrational, and more often than not shamelessly counter-factual. Even manipulating the public with propaganda has proven to have diminishing returns, as people become increasingly immune to their tactics—a fact they can’t innovate their lies fast enough to overcome. In fact, the only tool they have not yet used to exhaustion is bald-faced terrorism, and I see nothing in their makeup as a party, as a cultural institution, or as a group of individual personalities that would cause them to shrink from crossing that final Rubicon.

Let’s face up to the problem as it is: One of the two major political parties in this country has become openly and militantly totalitarian, and does not even try to cloak its fascism in something more palatable anymore: Its candidates openly endorse torture; openly call for the unprovoked invasion of other countries; openly demonize racial, religious, ethnic, and other minorities; lie without restraint on all matters at all times; and just barely stop short of openly calling for political murders of Americans—a scruple that seems increasingly frayed around the edges. [Emphasis in the original.]

[end of excerpt of Troubadour’s article.]

Let’s remember that this is not some commenter speaking for himself. This is a writer for Daily Kos.

- end of initial entry -

Paul M. writes:

Actually, this is a textbook case of psychological projection. Far-left liberals know what THEY would do if they gained control, and assume Tea Party would act no differently.

James P. writes:

Regarding the ravings on Daily Kos, Paul M. said exactly what I was going to say—this is a classic case of projection. The Left justifies its fantasies (plans?) of tyrannizing us with the claim that we’re planning to do it to them.

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