Keep fighting

A reader writes from San Diego:

Subject: Keep fighting.

Dear Sir,

You are my hero and like a long lost relative you will stay in my mind throughout my life. I hope I’m half the man you are. I’m a combat veteran, I have been to Navy Seal training and my best friend is an ex-Navy Seal and my nephew of a famous boxer named Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini. My friend is one of only a handful of human beings to go through “Hell Week” in Bud’s training twice. My point is that when it comes to mental toughness you are as mentally tough as our most dedicated warriors on this planet. These last few days even under all the stress you have been going through it is like you are still throwing punches like a world class prize fighter. I’ve told you before and I have no qualms about saying it again. I love you brother, I’m shedding a tear for you right now.

LA replies:

On the return of the terrible gut pain, which I wrote about on Monday, in the same entry where I discussed the irreemably sick, wicked, and lying human beings who have been recently writing to me to attack me under cover of caring about me, some well known, like Scott McConnell, others unknown:

Today I spent 5 1/2 hours in the hospital getting another celiac plexus nerve block, a different type of the procedure than I received before, which should last for six months (if it works, the doctor says the chances are three to one it will work—if it doesn’t work I don’t know what I will do). For the last few days to lessen the pain I took three adivan per day, a powerful tranquilizer, and the adivan weakens me like nothing else has done. I can barely stand, let alone walk. But the pain has not yet gone away after the nerve block, and I can’t take more adivan tonight because they gave me another adivan-related drug during the procedure and I can’t do both at the same time. So all I can do is endure the pain for tonight and hope it goes away tomorrow.

However, I’m not as mentally tough as you think. When I’m in pain, I sometimes vocalize it, moaning and groaning quite audibly.

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