Earnest 13-year-old interviewed by dubious Brit about his presidential candidacy


Piers Morgan even asked his youthful guest whether he is interested in girls yet. Well, no, he actually asked him, “Does Rick Santorum like women?” Morgan was not inquiring into Santorum’s sex life. He was echoing the standard feminist view that if a person opposes any item on the feminist agenda,—in this case, the free provision of contraceptive pills and services to every fertile woman in America, under the guise of protecting “women’s health”—then he is “against women.”

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Alissa writes:

So the slow-motion destruction of a women’s healthy organs and the creation of infertility in women is “being for women”?

LA replies:

Yes. Because (1) women are defined as feminists; (2) being for women means supporting what women (namely feminists) CHOOSE. To support what they CHOOSE is to be for them. To oppose what they CHOOSE is to be against them. CHOICE—what a person desires—is the standard, not some objective standard such as health or fertility.

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