Three-month-long series of gang rapes of 11 year old girl by gang of 20 in Texas town

In the Cleveland, Texas (pop. 8,000) gang rape case that was first reported earlier this year after the rapists circulated videos of the rapes in the local school, three of the defendants have admitted guilt. The Houston Chronicle mentions that all 20 of the defendants are black, and that the victim is Hispanic. A New York Times article last March goes into details on the crimes, but of course does not mention the race of the suspects.

In connection with the case, this comment by MW was posted at VFR last March:

There is an excellent American black woman’s web site called “What About Our Daughters” which discusses the crimes of black men against black women and how they are excused and justified in the black community and by white liberals, particularly the crime of gang rape, which is common in the black community.

I HIGHLY recommend you read her blog entry from yesterday, March 30, 2011, where she analyzes in detail the response of the New York Times, the black community, and white liberals to the 19-black-man gang rape of an 11 year old Mexican girl in Cleveland, Texas three weeks ago.

Her web site is worth returning to whenever black horrors like these gang rapes occur.

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