Sink immigrants’ boats—Griffin

The BBC news reports:
Nick Griffin: “Frankly they need to sink several of those boats”

The EU should sink boats carrying illegal immigrants to prevent them entering Europe, British National Party leader Nick Griffin has told the BBC.

The MEP for the North-West of England said the EU had to get “very tough” with migrants from sub-Saharan Africa.

I agree. These people are invaders. When they are allowed to land, they get the chance to ask for asylum, and in any case become the host country’s charges until they are returned to Africa. They are given no disincentive to stop the invasion.

The solution: Announce publicly and loudly that further illegal boats will be sunk. Then, if the boats continue to come, sink them. The boats will stop coming. That’s the way a serious country responds to an invasion.

Because of Griffin’s success in the recent European parliamentary elections, a non-liberal person now has the opportunity to advocate non-liberal positions with the prestige of an official political office behind him.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at July 08, 2009 07:32 PM | Send

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