Administration reverses story on Mutallab by 180 degrees

President Clinton and his gang were, excuse the expression, the scummiest liars anyone had ever seen in this country; certainly they represented a phenomenon without precedent in American national politics. But, when it comes to outrageous lying, the Obama gang have left the Clintonites in the dust. Read Byron York’s article in the Washington Examiner on how the administration has reversed its story about Abdul Mutallab. Earlier they had said that he spoke freely to FBI agents for 50 minutes after his arrest, but, when given his Miranda rights, went silent. Now they’re suddenly telling us that Mutallab has continued to supply all kinds of information about al Qaeda! Obviously, the change of story is motivated by the extreme heat the administration has taken from both parties for having treated Mutallab like an ordinary criminal defendant with the right to remain silent. But if the revised version is true, why did the administration previously state a false story that was so damaging to themselves? This president and this administration lie to our faces, knowing that we know that they’re lying.

Think of Obama last summer continuing to state that the health care plan would not result in anyone’s losing his present doctor or insurance policy, even after that statement had been universally shown to be false, and even after his constant repeitition of that false statement had contributed to a major loss of political support both for him and for his Precious. Obama doesn’t care. He’s at war with reality, and at war with us.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at February 03, 2010 05:28 PM | Send

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