Michelle “could be president”

In one of the innumerable low-class media venues where he regularly appears, Obama, meretriciously appealing to the true ruler of America, the female vote, let on that his wife “definitely could be the president.” However, he then added that “Politics is not her thing.” How, then, one wonders, could she possibly become president? Answer: in order for a person to become president of the new America, an interest in politics is not required. All that’s needed is that the person have the approval of America’s true ruler, the female vote.

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September 23

Ed H. writes:

Barack Obama nominates Michelle to be future President. Our formula for black dysfunction seems to be holding true:


Toxic Self-Esteem equals Massive Incompetence times Conscienceless Eqotism, squared.

Having destroyed the U.S. economy, possibly forever, with debt that can never be repaid, having handed the Middle East to our mortal enemies, having erased the historical identity of the American people, Barack Obama seems to be unaware of any of it. In fact he is so devoid of self awareness that he suggested that anyone could do such a good job, especially a female, especially his wife, who has all the qualities of Barack, but even more so. Vain, incompetent, egomanical. And all of this turned into a proud, smiling public statement made before the cameras. It’s all as neat, self-contained, and unassailable as a mathematical equation, one which can be memorized and tested in differing conditions over and over.

LA replies:

Your formula for the equivalence of Massive Incompetence and Toxic Self-Esteem is promising. But further work may still be needed. For one thing, your explanation exhibits the classic conservative ambivalence about Obama: is he doing what he does deliberately, or out of incompetence?

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