Why do whites flee one hyper-liberal state for another?

James N. writes:

A poster at Free Republic wondered why so many whites leaving California move to Massachusetts, since they are both run by liberal nut-jobs. I replied:

California non-Hispanic white population: 42.3 percent Massachusetts non-Hispanic white population: 79.2 percent

You figure it out.

I would add to what I said: why are so many Massachusetts whites moving to New Hampshire?

Massachusetts non-Hispanic white population: 79.2 percent. New Hampshire non-Hispanic white population: 93.2 percent

So many conservatives have imbibed economic determinism—they feel safe from China, because China won’t wreck their own economy. And when whites all over the nation are flooding into white-majority areas and leaving their family homes behind, they can’t understand it at all.

LA replies:

Especially since the people doing the flooding almost never openly state their own motive.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 07, 2010 01:46 PM | Send

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