Black man invades home, bludgeons mother and daughter to death, critically injures father

We only know the killer’s race because there is a photograph of him:

Young unarmed black man, fresh from the Million Hoodie March

The victims’ name is Martinez, so they are either white or nonwhite Hispanics. (Here are photos of the slain mother and daughter.)

The killer evidently invaded the family’s home with no other motive than to kill them all. He also sexually assaulted the girl whom he killed. Yet notice how the AP story treats this crime, breaking it down into fragments of what the man was charged with (initially child abuse) and what the police did and found, instead of providing an account of what the killer did. The story never actually says that the killer killed his victims, or, indeed, that he did anything to the victims. It says he was arrested in an attack that “left a woman and her daughter dead.” Even the headline makes the fact that the perpetrator was charged with crimes the main thing, not what he did: “Man faces charges in bloody killings of Las Vegas woman and daughter.” (Compare that headline to mine.) Also, every reference to the crimes themselves is given in the passive voice: the victims “were injured,” they “were sexually assaulted.” I’ve bolded the indirect and passive language in the article.

Finally, never once does the story say that this was a home invasion. Every reference in this VFR entry to a home invasion comes from me, not from the AP.

Only way down in the story is there a direct statement, in the active voice, of what the killer did, but it comes, not from the AP, but from from a police lieutenant. And guess what: he uses the forbidden “S” word, “savage”:

“We’re talking about a family who was in their home and, unbeknownst to them, a savage intruder enters that home and attacks three people—killing two and then sexually assaulting them. We have a family out there that has to live with this,” he said.

But Proph at Orthosphere says you shouldn’t read blog articles such as this one, because it will just “give you an ulcer and turn your heart into an empty incinerate sac for storing bitterness.” Blacks are slaughtering whites and other non-blacks across this country, the media are not reporting this murderous racial intifada but are either covering it up or breaking it down into meaningess bits and pieces, and Proph thinks this is not something worth writing about or knowing about.

Here’s the article:

Man faces charges in bloody killings of Las Vegas woman and daughter

Police are charging a 22-year-old man in an attack in a blood-splattered Las Vegas home that left a woman and her daughter dead and her husband in critical condition, authorities say.

Bryan Clay was arrested on child abuse charges Friday but will be charged Saturday for the bludgeoning murders of 38-year-old Ignacia Martinez and 10-year-old Karla Martinez, police said late Friday night.

Officers went to their Robin Street home April 16 and found the bodies after the woman’s 9-year-old son arrived at school saying that his mom and sister were dead. A 4-year-old boy was also found unharmed in the house.

Arturo Martinez, 39, the husband and father, was critically injured in the attack and remains hospitalized with head injuries.
Fifth-grader Karla Martinez also had been sexually assaulted, police said.

“At 5 p.m. this evening, expedited DNA results came back from the lab linking Clay to the crime scene in both the Robin Street case and another violent sexual assault of a woman prior to the murders,” police said in a statement.

Clay is also a suspect in the April 15 sexual assault against a 50-year-old woman. She was walking near a Las Vegas intersection when an assailant forced her into a nearby desert area and violently sexually assaulted her, police said.

“Remember what we’re talking about. We’re talking about a 50-year-old woman who was attacked, brutally attacked, and she was sexually assaulted,” Metro Police Lt. Ray Steiber said, according to a report by KLAS-TV.

“We’re talking about a family who was in their home and, unbeknownst to them, a savage intruder enters that home and attacks three people—killing two and then sexually assaulting them. We have a family out there that has to live with this,” he said.

The station reported that a baseball cap left behind by the woman’s attacker turned out to be a key piece of evidence.

Authorities found the girl and the mother beaten to death with a blunt instrument in separate bedrooms.

In the days after the attack, the two boys were in protective custody with the Clark County Department of Family Services.

[end of article]

Here, from another website, are the two murder victims, Ignacia Martinez, 38, and her 10-year-old daughter Karla:



Mark A. writes:

When I saw the picture, I thought “another upstanding member of the Million Hoodie March!”

LA replies:

I’ve added your point in my caption underneath the photo.

Nate M. writes:

In the comments section of the MSNBC news story (by way of AP) that you linked to, regarding the Martinez murders in Las Vegas, someone has posted a link to this blog:

If these photos are accurate (note the mother has a tattoo stating “I belong to Art,” namely the husband, Arturo Martinez), then clearly the mother and child were mestiza.

Brett A. writes:

Especially notice the look on his face and his body posture in the photo. Still has the “F- You” attitude so apparent. No remorse, guilt, shame, or fear. This attitude more than anything shows our criminal justice system doesn’t work. In my mind a good reason to go back to vigilante justice. He’d know fear then, because there would be no endless legal wrangling, and time spent in a comfortable prison. Just some rough handling and public degradation before being quickly executed.

Terry writes:

I am pleased you posted the Las Vegas story. Sometimes I think that VFR is over the top—then it happens again.

Terry from Las Vegas but in Iowa

Matt writes:

If Barack Obama had a son, he would look like Bryan Clay.

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