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Last Friday, June 3, I wrote:

I saw Sean Hannity interview Romney last night. I hadn’t watched Romney in three years, since the close of the 2008 nomination battle.

Romney with his calmness, maturity and other good qualities might be the best bet to beat Obama…

Yesterday and today this headline appears at Drudge:


The story is from the Washington Post:

New Post-ABC numbers show Obama leading five of six potential Republican presidential rivals tested in the poll. But he is in a dead heat with former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney…

- end of initial entry -

James R. writes:

“What’s the point?”

That was my initial reaction to your post that Romney’s the best bet to beat Obama. I know you’re aware of his flaws, which will also include making “conservatism” responsible for everything he does, including (almost certainly) normalizing many of the policies of Obama (and Bush) that you dislike.

I’m sure there is an up-side to electing Romney, but you can probably lay it out better than I could.

(Note I don”t consider “going slower on the path we’re already on” to be an up-side. If we’re going to drive over that cliff, better sooner than later, while we still have enough residual remnants of what we are that we can dust ourselves off and recover. Plus, if we’re going to have progressives in power, better that they be the real deal, so that it is progressivism that gets the blame for progressive policies, rather than a false “conservatism.” That simply clouds the issue).

LA replies:

My comment that Romney might be the best bet to beat Obama was not a statement of support for Romney. It was a horse-racing statement.

Posted June 10

Jeff C. writes:

Romney will be the nominee, and this parallel will be noted, perhaps initially on your web site: Ford beat Reagan in 1976 and then was beaten by Jimmy Carter in the general election. Reagan, had he been the nominee would have hit Carter harder than Ford did, and would have come back to defeat Carter in 1980. Similarly, McCain beat Romney in 2008 and was then beaten by Barack Obama in the general election. Romney would have hit Obama harder than McCain did and will come back to defeat the President.

Who will be the Veep? I’d guess Pawlenty, to help with Evangelicals who would not otherwise vote for a Mormon.

LA replies:

“Romney will be the nominee.”

I get antsy when people make certain predictions about events far in the future, particularly electoral events, that cannot be known.

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