Getting the facts about the Knoxville Atrocity to the mainstream media

Don Surber in the Charleston Daily Mail mentions both the Megan Williams kidnapping and abuse case and the Knoxville Atrocity in the same column. I wrote to him:

Dear Mr. Surber:

You write:

FEW crimes are as horrible as the allegations of the torture, humiliation and abuse of Megan Williams, 20, of Charleston. That Williams is black and the defendants white made this an international scandal.

But there are many crimes far more horrible, including one you mention later in the column:

There is a similar case in Tennessee, where some people want hate crime charges to be brought against four black men who are charged with the murder of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian, who were white. His penis was cut off; she was raped repeatedly over four days, then killed.

You have the facts wrong. There was no cutting off of Christopher Newsom’s penis, or of Channon Christian’s breast, which has also been reported. Newsom was repeatedly anally raped in front of Channon over a 24 hour period, then murdered. Channon was orally sodomized and repeatedly anally and vaginally raped, then further tortured by pouring cleaning fluid into her mouth, then murdered. The mutilation story was spread by blogs without any basis in fact. The facts of the rapes have never been reported in any detail. The anal rapes have never been reported at all.

Here are two blog entries about this from my website, View from the Right , quoting and linking the most detailed accounts of what actually happened.

What happened in Knoxville
This quotes a knowledgeable source in Knoxville whose statements were passed on to me via a third party.

What happened in Knoxville, revisited
This links to Nicholas Stix’s detailed account of what happened, published last May at American Renaissance. Stix read the actual police and prosecutor’s reports filed with the court, which have not been made readily available and have never been reported in the media.

Here is the core of the Stix article:

All four, including, Miss Coleman, then engaged in an orgy of rape and violence. They anally gang-raped Mr. Newsom, and orally, anally, and vaginally gang-raped Channon Christian. They brutally beat both victims and poured cleaning fluid down Miss Christian’s throat. They killed Mr. Newsom, leaving him with “multiple gunshot wounds,” and set his corpse on fire.

They also killed Miss Christian. Knoxville police refuse to say how Miss Christian was murdered, but an Assistant U.S. Attorney suggests she may have been “choked.”

The day after the carjacking, Knoxville police found Miss Christian’s 4-Runner, abandoned near the railroad tracks. Close by was Mr. Newsom’s desecrated corpse. A fingerprint from Lemaricus Davidson inside the vehicle was the basis of a federal search of his apartment, and two days later authorities found Miss Christian’s “battered” corpse in a garbage can in the kitchen.

Police and reporters have promoted the view that this crime was a simple carjacking that got out of hand, and that the rapists poured cleaning fluid down Miss Christian’s throat to destroy DNA evidence. This appears to be wrong on both counts. The killers ditched Miss Christian’s SUV just a few hours after they stole it, which suggests they had no great interest in it. Also, according to court documents, they had already planned on killing Miss Christian, so they could have used the cleaning fluid after she was dead. They did not bother to “clean” her vagina and anus, which were stuffed with DNA evidence. It appears to this reporter that the carjacking was just a way to kidnap, gang rape, torture, and murder whites, and that the killers used the cleaning fluid for the sole purpose of further torturing Miss Christian.

I hope you will report the true facts of what was done to Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian.

Lawrence Auster
New York City

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