Auster talk on what to do about the Islam threat is on YouTube

My talk and Supna Zaidi’s talk about the Islam problem at a meeting of ACT for America this past Sunday can now be seen on YouTube. As I remember, the second half of the event, where Miss Zaidi and I debated each other directly, was not videotaped, but an audio of the second half of the meeting will be available soon. (Here is the prepared text of my talk.)

You may recognize the apartment as the same one where the “Intimate Evening with Geert Wilders” took place a couple of months ago. The Wilders talk is linked at the same YouTube page. Here is a direct link to it. Also, as discussed here, I had an interesting exchange with Wilders that begins at 35:46 of the Wilders video.

The video of the Zaidi-Auster event is also presented, along with a description of the theme of the event and information on both speakers, at the website the “silent” majority no more!.

Another point: the title of the event, “Who belongs in our counter-jihad movement?”, chosen by its organizer, Madeline Brooks of ACT for America, does not describe at all the issues the speakers were addressing. Neither Supna Zaidi nor I were trying to read each other out of the counter-jihad movement, and such a topic never came up. Miss Zaidi, as I remember, did not even express dismay at my idea of stopping and reversing Muslim immigration. Rather, she acknowledged the problem of radical Islam and at least tacitly conceded that my approach to it was understandable, even though of course she does not agree.

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