Youthful members of genus Homo riot in Wisconsin mall

Mark A. writes:

The more articles that I read like this, the more I have to read the comments. It seems the truth is rarely in the article these days.

James writes:

The story is on the front page of Drudge but he doesn’t mention that they’re black thugs. Go to the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal and the story doesn’t mention their race. It is only in the comment section do you get the full story.

Max P. writes:

There is an interesting story from Drudge. Apparently a shopping mall in Milwaukee was trashed yesterday by a young mob. The article concerning the trashing was carried on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Interestingly the comments have been removed. See

However, secondary articles about this event were carried on the same paper. In this article about the mall considering changes to its policies post-riot, the comments have been left intact. See

In the second article, I found this telling comment:

Looks like the 90+ comments on the original thread about the mall wilding were all deleted. Can’t have the plebes openly discussing the race of the mob, or other politically incorrect facts.

It would be funny if it were not so sad. No wonder people go to twitter to get their news. Our press are meek, tame, gutless neuters, sort of like the press in Russian during the Soviet era. Look at the pathetic reporting on the banks. Here, they can’t even report the racial nature of a riot.

I wonder how much national attention this will get now that we have an idea about who the perpetrators were.

The story is also being covered at Stuff Black People Don’t Like.

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