Close race in Mass.

Posted at Real Clear Politics:

* Rasmussen: Coakley (D) 49, Brown (R) 47
* PPP (D): Brown (R) 48, Coakley (D) 47
* Globe/UNH: Coakley (D) 53, Brown (R) 36

A reader suggested that the Globe poll is so different from the PPP and Rasumussen polls that it must be bogus. But if you look at all the polls arranged by date at RCP, you’ll see a steady narrowing from a huge Coakley lead to today’s tight race, and the Globe poll is right in line with that trend. Thus:

The Western NE College poll, taken 10/18 to 10/22, has Coakley 26 points ahead.

The Suffolk poll, taken 11/4 to 11/8, has Coakley 31 points ahead.

The Boston Globe poll, taken 1/2 to 1/6, has Coakley 17 points ahead.

The Rasmussen poll, taken 1/4, has Coakley nine points ahead.

The PPP poll, taken 1/7 to 1/9, has Brown one point ahead.

And the Rasmussen poll, taken 1/11, has Coakley two points ahead

So what we have had is an approximely 30 point Coakley lead in late October and early November, narrowing to the 17 point Coakley lead in the Boston Globe poll in the first week of January, closing to the neck and neck race of today.

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