America’s “leading conservative intellectual” praises Obama for his noble motives

Paul K. writes:

Charles Krauthammer was on the O’Reilly program last night discussing the passage of Obamacare. While Krauthammer stressed that Obama has been “disingenuous, to put it generously” about the costs of the bill, he was acting out of a “noble motive,” that of covering the uninsured. In telling us that Obama’s motives are noble, Krauthammer reveals his own essential liberalism.

LA replies:

There you have it. Liberals’ “noble motives” has always been the justification for all the ruin they have brought to the world.

I challenge defenders of Krauthammer to find any statement by him in which he has enunciated a conservative principle for the ordering of society, as distinct from merely criticizing the follies of liberals. I don’t think you will find one. His career is proof of my point that the real meaning of “conservative” as it is used today is a liberal who criticizes some aspects of liberalism.

Uh-oh. There I go again, banishing conservatives from conservatism because they don’t agree with all my positions. In reality, what I’m doing is the basic work of intellectual leadership, which is to identify the nature of things and define terms. If the word “conservative” means anything more than a person who criticizes a leftist revolution while telling people to surrender to it and praising the “noble motives” of its leader, then Charles Krauthammer is not a conservative.

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