March 21, 2010—a day which will live in infamy

Yesterday was one of the most active blogging days in VFR’s history, matching the fact that it was one of the most consequential days in recent American history. The unfolding events and rumors, with their numerous, Perils-of-Pauline reversals, came one after another, all day long, and I was on top of it all the way. Between 2:36 a.m. and 8:36 p.m., I posted 19 entries, probably a one day record.

The oddity of the blog format is that the blog entries appear in reverse chronological order. If you didn’t read the site yesterday and are interested in catching up, I would recommend that you start with the first entry for March 21 on the health care issue, “Health care horror update,” posted at 2:36 a.m., and then read up the page from there in chronological order.

UPDATE: The above instructions became useless once the entries from March 21 rolled off the main page. There are now two ways to access the March 21 entries.

You can go to the single page entry which includes all the entries for the week of March 21, 2010 and read from the bottom of the page, since the entries are listed in reverse chronological order and the firest entry for March 21 is at the bottom of the page.

Or, perhaps easier, because it doesn’t involve reading upward (but does involve clicking on the link for each entry), you can access the below chrolological list of the March 21 entries on the health care debate:

Health care horror update

Democrats, still six votes shy, keep acting as though they’ve already won

Democratic House leaders say they have the votes to pass

Stupak: We are close to deal with White House

Democratic leaders disagreeing among themselves on whether they have the votes

Democratic whip says they don’t have the votes

On that executive order deal the remaining Stupakites are considering

Our two party system

Getting to the bottom of the executive order proposal, and what that means for health care vote

Report: Stupak group has agreed to vote for bill

Confession and prayer

The Hill’s whip count is at 39 No’s; and a shocking video of Stupak showing him to be a liar

“Sources” say Stupak has reached deal with White House

Now Stupak himself has said he’s voting for the bill

Major problem in the “fixer” bill may make reconciliation impossible

L-dotters on Stupak

Sensenbrenner appeals to the pro-life Dems to oppose the bill

The health care Babel

Boehner’s unexpected eloquence; Krauthammer’s expected predictions of conservative defeat

False mortal laws and God’s law

Fret not thyself

The health care bill and the American Founding

The health care bill is not like civil rights, and it is not irreversible

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