Responses, pictorial and discursive, to Obama’s Communist, anti-human vision

Karl D. writes:

People are having a lot of fun with the “You didn’t build that” line from Obama. Attached is just one, but there are many more at this website.



Hannon writes:

Here’s one of the best spoofs yet.

LA replies:

I did not post the photo Hannon linked, because, while it is a satirical and funny send-up of Obama’s statement, it is too genial. I don’t post anything that is genial toward this enemy of our country. (The Obama send-up reminds me of a humorous anti-Nixon poster in 1968. It showed a pregnant black lady saying, “Nixon’s the One,” which was the slogan of the Nixon campaign.)

Garry M. writes:

I am becoming increasingly frustrated by the right’s response to Obama’s “You Didn’t Build That” speech. In all the fluster over which is the correct antecedent to the pronoun that [LA replies: You have not seen that fluster at VFR], we have blinded ourselves to the real weakness of his argument. It is perfectly reasonable to interpret “You didn’t build that” as referring to the infrastructure, as his defenders insist. [LA replies: I don’t agree. The that clearly refers to the business one has built.]

But what is missed, is that his list of governmental activity consists entirely of basic and essential services that are provided by local governments. No one on the right, not even Ron Paul, is advocating a no-government society. Obama is saying that the need for firefighters justifies foodstamps and EBT cards. The existence of teachers justifies the GM bailout. The constitutional mandate for a Navy is expressed by the “Affordable Care Act.” And so on.

He has constructed a classic straw man, and it very nearly beat him. It may yet. But I have not read any commentator that has noticed this. They are all focused on the sound-bite.

Max P. writes:

I will play along with the line, “You didn’t build that,” and take it in a different direction. I think it is high time Obama and other diversity-loving multiculturalists acknowledge who built the system that they believe is responsible for building all those businesses. I think they need to heap more praise and respect on those long-dead white men, especially the English ones, who built our political and economic institutions which they themselves admit fostered the development of businesses and created the American Dream.

Anyone with two eyes can see this by simply looking at the New World. Is there any question the Anglo founded states of Canada, Australia and the USA are in a different league when compared to the Latin ones? All one has to do is look at the hordes around the world who are voting with their feet, in many cases actually leaving the Latin New World for the Anglo one. One won’t see many immigrants headed towards Latin America even though it has more land and resources than its North American neighbors.

So I believe it is time Obama and the leftists acknowledge, when it comes to America, that they “didn’t build that” and stop bashing those who did.

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