Looking back at “post-racial America”

Think of the many columns you have seen since the inauguration of O. that contain the sarcastic line: “some post-racial America.” The implication is that the writer believed in good faith the pre-election prediction that Obama would inaugurate a post-racial America, and now he sees that this promise has turned out to be painfully false.

Needless to say, I never bought into the “post-racial America” malarkey. Back in February 2008, when Obama first became the leading candidate for the Democratic nomination, I argued that, given all the pro-nonwhite, anti-white components of the existing American regime, none of which Obama was challenging, the notion that Obama would bring in a “post-racial America” was blatantly false and ridiculous. I added that if “post-racial America” had a real meaning as distinct from the gauzy, ML King-type fantasy of a color blind America that was being promoted by so many whites at the time, it meant whites’ silent surrender to and embrace of America’s institutionalized anti-whiteness.

As examples of this true “post-racial” American consciousness in action, see David Horowitz’s and Peggy Noonan’s columns from the week of Obama’s inauguration, linked by me numerous times, where they embrace a new post-racial American “unity” constituted of nonwhites’ race-conscious support for a nonwhite president plus whites’ race-blind support for that same nonwhite president. Horowitz, of course, is singing a dramatically different tune these days in that he has become an all-out opponent of Obama. But to my knowledge he has never retracted his blissful statements of last January.

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