Tenet and Bush

Maureen C. writes:

George Tenet is bringing up the hot-button issue of interrogation techniques in a national interview!! By bringing up this issue, Tenet has to know that he is undermining the US’s ability to defend itself by focusing media attention on so-called “illegalities.” This attack is also timed to undermine Bush’s programs and surveillance during a critical “decision point” during Bush’s showdown with Congress. Tenet is undermining Bush even though he attempts to disguise the attack by saying the detainee program (aka “torture” by liberals) is needed. He is a sinister figure.

LA replies:

1. Tenet: sneaky-looking, obviously untrustworthy Clintonite.

2. Bush keeps him as CIA head. Bush likes him personally.

3. Tenet screws Bush in multiple ways, failing to contain the anti-Bush elements in the CIA, giving disastrous “slam-dunk” assurance to Bush on Iraqi WMDs, etc.

4. Once Tenet’s failures to curb the anti-Administration elements in the CIA and his disastrous incompetence become an issue, Bush is forced to let him go.

5. A few months after letting Tenet go, Bush gives him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, turning the country’s highest civilian honor into a retirement pay-off.

6. And now Tenet in his book, at least according to Maureen’s reading, screws Bush again.

What does this sound like?

The pattern I have pointed to for the last six years: Bush gives his enemies a back rub, they stab him in the back, and he gives them another back rub … and they stab him in the back again …

However, the above needs to be qualified. It is only his liberal and anti-American enemies to whom Bush gives back rubs. He would never give a back rub to, say, a patriotic American who opposes his open borders scheme.

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