Bachmann on the existential urgency of removing Obamacare

Since its passage in March 2010, I have consistently said that repealing Obamacare is the transcendent issue in the 2012 presidential election. There is one GOP candidate who absolutely understands and agrees with that position: Michele Bachmann. In an interview with Dick Morris, she explains how Obamacare is already spreading its tentacles through the government bureaucracy; how merely executing an executive order against it, as Romney and Perry have pledged to do, is insufficient to stop it; and how only a president totally committed to the long hard job of completely extricating Obamacare can free the country from it.

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Irv P. writes [reposted from an earlier entry on Cain]:

There is no Bachmann bubble. Her campaign is going very well in Iowa, where they are putting all their resources. She is staying under the radar right now, preferring to put all her eggs in the Iowa basket. She will win the Iowa caucus in early January and be a top tier candidate again. There is no attempt to do well in New Hampshire, but the bump she gets from Iowa will insure a decent showing. Then on to South Carolina for her most important victory and the momentum will be established for her to secure the nomination (if we traditionalists are lucky). She is our best hope to have some important issues near and dear to our hearts get dealt with especially if we make our voices loud, and heard early in her Presidency.

I agree with Buck O. that “we are a small minority of believers who don’t know how to act.” The whole thread where that quote appears is brilliant but it doesn’t do us a bit of good if we have no political clout. Michele Bachmann is the only person with a hat in the ring who has a world view that even resembles ours in any way. She can give us the clout I’m referring to. People who underestimate her appeal to “regular” Americans are making a big mistake. I was in on a conference call with her recently, and although I did not get in to ask my question, for 45 minutes she answered question after question with enthusiasm, respect and intelligence. Most of the questions dealt with economic and cultural issues which gave her an opportunity to contrast herself with the other people running. Her theme is “you don’t have to settle.” There IS a real conservative in the race. She shrewdly avoids saying things that the press can use against her. At the same time she tells me between the lines that she is someone we can work with to get some of our ideas back into the realm of more than pipe dreams.

Lawrence, and all VFR readers, it’s time to start taking her seriously. She will give us a chance to figure out “how to act.” Our voices could be heard again. We have a chance to become less than a small minority of believers. She may be our last hope.

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