The victim in Sanford, Florida hammer attack is white

Concerning the story I posted yesterday about two blacks in Seminole County, Florida who pulled a man from his car, dragged him into the woods, and beat him repeatedly on the head with a hammer, Cicero posted about the same story yesterday at his blog, The Big Lie on Parade. He links a story at with a TV news segment in which an eyewitness calling 911 says, “There’s two guys beating a guy with a hammer, beating a white guy in the bushes there with a hammer.” So now we know the victim is white. But this fact, though stated by the eyewitness in his 911 call, is not referred to by the reporter in the TV segment, and in the text article on the same page at the eyewitness is not quoted and the victim’s race is not referenced.

I would add (which I didn’t realize yesterday) that the perpetrators live in Sanford, Florida, and that the crime and the arrest took place in Sanford. Yet the police say they have no idea why two black “teens” in Sanford would have pulled a white man from his car, dragged him into woods, and beat him on the head with a hammer until he was almost dead. Like Gov. Mario Cuomo after the racial mass murder on the Long Island Rail Road in December 1993, they find the murderous black on white attack in Sanford “unfathomable.”

As I wrote in American Renaissance in February 1994:

Unfortunately, nothing could be more “fathomable” than Colin Ferguson’s act of hatred. “Deranged” or not, he was only taking to its final conclusion the paranoid message that has become an article of faith for all too many blacks in this country: that all of their problems and failures are caused by white racism….

White liberals and mainstream institutions, far from disabusing blacks of this poisonous suspicion of whites, have encouraged it….

[N]o matter what blacks do, whether they steal entire issues of conservative college newspapers, or spew racist mythologies, or record rap songs calling for the murder of white police officers, or even burn down a city, a sizable number of white liberals and blacks will describe their behavior as an “understandable” expression of the pain blacks feel in a racist society. An appeal for “understanding” that consistently goes only one way should be recognized for what it is—an attempt to disarm whites morally while continuing to unleash black aggression.

Also, in his blog entry yesterday, Cicero writes:

There is something I would like to add to this story as well as others where the victims of such savage attacks manage to survive. More often than not the victims are messed up for life. Injuries from brutal attacks like this will leave the victims brain damaged, crippled, in chronic pain, with further medical complications as well as the need for expensive medications and treatment for the rest of their lives. This doesn’t even take into consideration the psychological scars, PTSD and the effect on family life dynamics as well as earning a living. Most of these articles leave one feeling that if the victim makes it to the hospital and survives, life goes on like nothing ever happened. Something that can’t be farther from the truth. Many victims receive a lifetime sentence from the one savage act.

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