Jewish group joins with Muslims to get immigration loosened

James in upstate New York writes:

In an article at The Jewish Week, “Young Jewish, Muslim Leaders Join On Immigration Issue,” we read:

Aronoff traced the position of American Jews to the “core beliefs” of the Jewish community and to their “central communal interests,” both of which require them to offer kindness to the stranger.

“We must be broadly focused on the stranger in need and not solely on our responsibilities to our Jewish brothers and sisters,” Aronoff said. “Essentially, we understand that we care for the stranger not because he or she is Jewish, but because we are Jewish.”

Discussing the community’s beliefs, Aronoff noted that the Torah instructs Jews no less than 36 times to welcome, love and protect the stranger—a commandment that appears more than any other mitzvah.

Jewish history also informs the commitment to help refugees and immigrants, Aronoff said, adding that “Jews are a wandering people” and that “our history is one of movement.”

The combination of naivety, chutzpah, and stupidity is positively breathtaking.

LA replies:

I’ve written about this Jewish insanity many times. The central madness is not seeing the difference between welcoming and treating humanely a single stranger or a few strangers, and welcoming and treating humanely a mass immigration of all peoples in the world.

It must be confronted directly and exposed for the idiocy and danger that it is. Only a tiny number of people do this work, such as Stephen Steinlight.

This work can’t be left up to Jews alone; gentiles must also do it. However, to do it successfully, the gentiles must have two characteristics: they must be free of anti-Semitism themselves, and they must be free of the fear of being called anti-Semitic.

I utterly reject the notion that only Jews have the standing to criticize Jews, a notion which suggests that all gentiles are implicitly anti-Semitic, or at least that all gentiles are under the possible suspicion of anti-Semitism, and therefore they don’t have the right to criticize Jews as Jews.

James replies:

It’s a rare combo, those two characteristics you mention. I remember reading articles by and about Steinlight, he was supposed to speak at a Hadassah function, but got blacklisted instead. By contrast, that Schneier fellow in the article seems to make a living palling around with hip-hop luminaries and hobnobbing in the Hamptons.

The only thing I could think to write in the comment box was something along the lines of opening the gates of Israel to the Muslim stranger, but that seems lazy to me, the “it’s hypocrisy” rhetoric that makes listening to Hannity such an unpleasant, unrewarding experience.

LA writes:

It should be noted that the organization running this Jewish/Muslim meeting, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), is an explicitly open borders group which calls for the end of border security and of immigration law enforcement. The Torah command to “help the stranger” is their constant theme. I’ve written before about their open-borders “Progress by Pesach” campaign, in which they got a galaxy of national Jewish organizations to participate.

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