Wanted: Christian and conservative warriors

In the entry, “Western man can only be saved by true Christianity,” Paul Henri writes:

The clearest example of a Christian duty to defend the faith by physical force is Jesus overturning the tables of the moneylenders in the temple. Instead of walking out, Christians should have stood up and challenged Dan Savage during his attack on Christians in the famous bullying speech he gave in the last thirty days. That would have shut him down. To shout him down, though tempting, would have breached our freedom of speech; challenging him would have befuddled him.

Conservative leaders need to exhort their fold to action, to courage, and to endure defeat (because as baseball proves, you can’t win them all). Even an incoherent rant is better than sitting on one’s hands. At least the opponent knows he won’t be walking around without ducking. The young, who have time to recover, and the retired, who have nothing to lose, should be at the vanguard of this behavior.

The vast numbers of those in middle age need to vote and to send donations instead of taking expensive vacations and acquiring expensive motorcycles, stretched homes, expensive cars, second homes, boats, in-vogue (and soon to become ugly) granite countertops, gazillion TV channels, smart tech, etc.

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JC in Houston writes:

I am middle aged, well now a senior I guess as I was born in 1950. As for Mr. Henri’s suggestion, I don’t go on expensive vacations, have expensive cars, a second home, a boat, or a granite table top. In fact I have been donating money to Republican candidates for 30 years and voting for them since Ronald Reagan. And I would ask Mr. Henri, what difference has it made? Not a damn thing. We got the Ronald Reagan illegal alien amnesty, the George W. Bush almost amnesty, the Alberto Gonzalez anti-white attorney-general, out of control Republican spending. No Mr. Henri, a lot of us older people are sick of going through this useless exercise of “voting” and seeing nothing change.

LA replies:

My mistake. When I posted Mr. Henri’s comment, I missed the significance of his call for middle aged conservatives to vote, as I was taken up with his call for young and old conservatives to challenge liberals directly, and charmed by his reference to granite table tops. I am not against people voting. But we’ve already had plenty of people voting, and if he thinks that people voting (within the present political options being offered) can save Western man, that is certainly not what I meant.

May 27

Paul Henri writes:

I understand JC’s attitude. It is despair, which is a sin that we all experience. Many also lack the things JC lacks out of choice. Many choose to fight for security instead of indulging themselves. Fighting is accomplishment, and many are driven to accomplish.

JC is failing to pass the word. Before the Internet and Talk Radio, Reagan’s people had little chance of success. These technologies allow us to stay in the game because we can organize and communicate by using the technologies.

In general, voting is not an ace in the hole because the less productive outnumber the more productive. But voting can be helpful and therefore must be pursued. Look at what happened to Orrin Hatch. Look at the Republicans taking the House. Look at how we have helped the governor of Wisconsin. Look at Obama’s standings in the early polls.

And yes, those that are secure should stand up and shout regardless of how erudite they are. Better still, we should study at sites like this so that we recognize falsities and know what to say.

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