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While brainless conservatives in the U.S. applaud the Queen for the great job she’s done as monarch for the last 60 years, the country of which she had been the monarch for the last 60 years has steadily turned into a totalitarian regime. And has she ever uttered a syllable against it? No. And please don’t tell me that she is barred constitutionally from stating political opinions. If she cared about what was happening to Britain, she would have said something, and that might have helped save Britain.

Here is Paul Weston’s article, published earlier this week at Gates of Vienna:

Monday, June 18, 2012
Multi-Culti Child Snatchers

As reported in last night’s news feed, social workers in the northern English city of Durham intend to seize a baby from its mother as soon as it is born, for the sole reason that the expectant mother is an active member of the English Defence League.

Like many of his fellow Britons, Paul Weston is outraged at the totalitarian behavior of the British welfare state.

Multi-Culti Child Snatchers by Paul Weston

Multicultural Britain is becoming an ever more sinister country in which to live. I am pretty much immune to the totalitarian ideology of multiculturalism, but having said that, even I must confess to being shocked that the British state can now kidnap babies and children simply because their parents question the dictatorial and wholly unnatural orthodoxy of the ruling elites.

According to a recent article in The Daily Express, social workers want to seize a baby as soon as it is born because they are concerned about the mother’s links to the English Defence League.

Durham County Council has told Toni McLeod she poses a “risk of significant harm” to her baby because social workers fear the child would become radicalised with EDL views.

To be fair, Ms McLeod is clearly not a graduate of the Cheltenham Ladies College. She has a bit of previous, as it is known in the argot of the criminal fraternity. Assaulting a police officer, setting her dog on an ex-boyfriend and alleged problems with drink and drugs are variously quoted in the article.

All in all, not the best qualifications for motherhood, but these are not the reasons behind the state sanctioned child-snatching. Ms McLeod has been presumed guilty of a far more serious crime than simply living her life as a result of liberalism’s catastrophic progressive policies.

Ms McLeod you see, is deemed a racist—and quite possibly a fascist to boot—both of which are ranked nowadays as the ultimate evil by the promoters of multiculturalism, who are trying desperately to hold together Britain’s rapidly fragmenting and fantastical multicultural Utopia.

The social worker’s report states: “Toni (Ms McLeod) clearly needs to break away from the inappropriate friendships she has through either the EDL or break-off groups in order that she can model and display appropriate positive relationships to the baby as he/she grows and develops.”

Snatching children from parents who hold “inappropriate” political views is nothing new, although it normally requires a fully totalitarian state such as Nazi Germany or Communist Russia in order to be effected. I hope I am not alone in recognising how deeply sinister and frightening multicultural Britain has become when it seeks to emulate the ideology of such dictatorships.

Polls conducted in the 1960s and ’70s suggest the overwhelming majority of British citizens were opposed to mass immigration. Recent polls in Britain and Europe suggest the indigenous citizens have a very rational fear of Islam, despite the ruling elite’s dictatorial attempts to portray this violent and supremacist political ideology as a fuzzy and moderate religion of peace.

Multicultural Britain is now at a very dangerous crossroads. The liberal/left have implemented the wholly unnatural act of diluting the cohesive native population with an imported population which comes from a society completely at odds with the religion, tradition and culture of Great Britain. This alien society is then actively encouraged to retain its barbaric culture rather than assimilate.

Not content with simply causing social division and facilitating religious terrorism, the liberal/left then engage in persecuting and criminalising any member of the native population who dares question their perverse and treacherous ideology. The problem here is that there are tens-of-millions of people who do question their ideology, so multiculturally Apartheid Britain is set to become increasingly dictatorial as our liberal elites move to quash the dissidents.

The sheer insanity of multiculturalism throws up any number of contradictions and ironies. Ms McLeod’s partner and father of the soon-to-be-snatched-baby is a serving soldier in Afghanistan. The state will reward him with a campaign medal for doing his bit in fighting Islamism abroad, whilst the self-same state will steal his child because the mother is fighting Islamism at home. If this is not insane then I don’t know what is.

Contradiction number two is that the child-snatchers are representative of the very people who allowed Baby P to be slowly tortured to death in their full and open view.

Contradiction number three is that the majority of the victims in the recently revealed Muslim (sorry, “Asian”) rape epidemic were children in the purported “care” of the Social Services.

Contradiction number four is the refusal by the Social Services to remove children from favoured religious/racial groups. One can only assume that many of the recently convicted Muslim gang-rape paedophiles are fathers themselves, yet not one of their children is being considered for state sanctioned snatching.

It would thus appear that a gang-raping and racist Muslim paedophile is acceptable as a father in the eyes of the multicultural liberal/left, but drawing attention to gang-raping racist Muslim paedophiles is in itself “racist” and therefore not acceptable when protested by a white indigenous mother.

Multicultural Britain is a truly horrible place. It is almost impossible for those over a certain age to understand how people can lose their jobs and their livelihoods for vocalising politically unacceptable views, but snatching babies from politically unacceptable mothers marks a new low for the depraved and morally obscene liberal/left that must surely be impossible to understand by everyone?

Little children are terribly vulnerable and terribly easy to psychologically damage for life. Their main requirement is to be granted love and the only reason for removing them from a loving environment into the arms of the unloving state is if their physical well-being is in question. It hardly needs to be stated, really, but their removal should most certainly not be because their parents are political dissidents.

What a dreadful state of affairs. I have said it before but in needs saying again: Multiculturalism is a wicked, treacherous, totalitarian ideology and the liberal/left its wicked, treacherous and totalitarian practitioners.

Durham Social Services provide an email address for compliments and complaints. Assuming you wish to complain about their Gestapoesque child-snatchers rather than compliment them, they may be contacted at I fully encourage readers to drop them a polite line.

Paul Weston is Chairman of the British Freedom Party.

- end of initial entry -

A reader writes:

I’ve never commented before but I am a big fan of your site. That being said, I’m not quite sure about the accuracy of Paul Weston’s article on the child who may be taken away from its mother. Based on the comments to this article, it appears that there is a lot more going on with this mother than the article would have one believe.

LA replies:

Paul Weston acknowledges that the woman is dysfunctional and has a lot a points against her. But then he says that her personal problems and dysfunctions are not the reason the state wants to take away her child. The reason is her support for the EDL.

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