A critic states his view of what I believe in

Gintas writes:

Karen in the thread, “Is Europe healthier (conservatively speaking) than the U.S.?”, says:

What I meant is that there is a tendency in “conservative” blogs and writers to imagine that a reversal of some leftist ideologies will miraculously return them to a previous imagined golden era.

Imagined? There was a comment in the Mangan thread, critical of you:

I think the key to understanding Auster is that he wants to go back to the America of 1950—blacks as second-class citizens, homos in the closet, women in the home, public respect for Christianity, a certain formality of manners and dress, no public porn or trash culture, strong national defense, and meager non-white immigration.

His language was pejorative, but I answered: “Sounds great, sign me up.” Several others joined in my endorsement of this dream.

LA replies:

For the record, I have never said that I want blacks to be “second-class citizens,” or homosexuals to be “in the closet,” or women to be “in the home.” What I have said is that the white majority culture of this country must again become the dominant culture; that society should not normalize or approve homosexual conduct; and that women should not occupy high level positions of political leadership.

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