Talk on Islam

For those who have never seen it, I recommend my January 2010 talk on the Islam problem and what to do about it, delivered to a meeting of Act for America in New York City. Here is the video, along with Andrew Bieszad’s very interesting talk and our joint question and answer session. I just got around to watching the whole thing a few weeks ago. If I just saw my entire speech for the first time, though it has been prominently posted at the top of the sidebar on the main page for over two years, I imagine that many readers have also never seen it.

I particularly like this talk, because it was the first time in my life that I did not use a written text for a speech but, on the recommendation of friends, just used notes that I occasionally looked at. This freed me, so that I was really speaking, instead of, basically, reading. It was much more enjoyable and creative for me, and I think more enjoyable for the audience too. While I am comfortable in front of an audience, I have had relatively few opportunities to speak over the years and am not a highly polished public speaker.

By the way, this is the way I looked before my medical situation developed a few months later and markedly changed my appearance.

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